March 4, 2024    |    

Revving Up Victory – A Dakar Rally Tribute to Team Land Cruiser

Unveiling the Limited Edition Timepiece Inspired by the Grit and Glory of Dakar Dominators

G-SHOCK and Team Land Cruiser (TLC) Toyota Auto Body have partnered to create a unique timepiece: the G-SHOCK GW-9500TLC. This Dakar Rally tribute watch is a limited edition masterpiece celebrating the team’s incredible legacy and their 11th consecutive victory in the grueling rally’s Stock category.

The GW-9500TLC draws inspiration from the Land Cruiser 300 GR Sport, the champion vehicle that conquered the harsh Dakar terrain. Its bold black and red color scheme mirrors the racing car’s aesthetics, with a sleek IP-coated metal bezel and red accents. The sand-colored band, featuring a black splatter pattern reminiscent of desert trails, perfectly captures the essence of the rally. Both the band and case back proudly display the Team Land Cruiser logo, solidifying the watch’s connection to its Dakar heritage.

The GW-9500TLC is not just a stylish tribute; it’s built to withstand the elements. The Carbon Core Guard structure ensures its durability, while the duplex LCD and Mud-resistant construction guarantee optimal functionality in challenging conditions. Additionally, the watch boasts Triple Sensor technology, offering vital environmental data, and Multiband 6 radio control and solar power for accurate and reliable timekeeping.

G-SHOCK‘s dedication to sustainability extends to the GW-9500TLC. The use of bio-based resin for key components showcases their commitment to the environment, making this watch a conscious choice for eco-friendly consumers. Even the packaging is crafted from recycled materials, further emphasizing their commitment to a sustainable future.

The G-SHOCK GW-9500TLC transcends being just a watch; it’s a symbol of triumph and perseverance. It embodies the relentless spirit of Team Land Cruiser, their dedication to pushing boundaries, and their remarkable achievements in the Dakar Rally. With every tick of the watch, you carry a piece of Dakar history, a reminder of their victories and an inspiration to overcome your own challenges.


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