De Bethune Unveils ‘Cempasúchil II’: A Dual-Sided Marvel Celebrating Dia de Muertos

The joyful and naughty world of De Bethune's kind-of-two watches.

In a delightful tribute to Mexico’s Dia de Muertos, De Bethune introduces the “Cempasúchil II,” an extraordinary addition to its Maestri’art collection. This one-of-a-kind creation, featuring twin dials, embarks on a whimsical journey that blurs the lines between life and death, much like the vibrant Mexican celebration it draws inspiration from.

Since the unveiling of the Kind-of-Two in 2020, Denis Flageollet, the mastermind behind De Bethune, has reveled in surprising watch enthusiasts with the endless possibilities offered by double-sided timepieces. With the “Cempasúchil II,” he eagerly anticipates the influx of collector requests for bespoke, one-of-a-kind watches, each an opportunity to explore a world of creativity.

Denis Flageollet teamed with Swiss Art engraver Michèle Rothen, a long-time collaborator, to display the watch’s full potential to launch this future series of bespoke Kind-of-Two watches. Michèle’s engraving, a one-of-a-kind blend of art and micro-sculpture, defies expectations. Her precision and expertise are among the best in the world, and she comes from the illustrious Swiss artistic history.

For “Cempasúchil II,” the duo breathed new life into characters previously featured in the DW5 Cempasúchil, originally presented in Mexico in 2020, but this time, they opted for the double-sided Kind-of-Two watch.

Denis Flageollet collaborated with long-time partner and Swiss Art engraver Michèle Rothen to showcase the watch’s full potential in order to launch this future series of unique Kind-of-Two watches. Michèle’s engraving defies expectations as a one-of-a-kind blend of art and micro-sculpture. Her precision and expertise are among the best in the world, and she comes from a long line of artists in Switzerland.

The one side has two Calaveras marking the hours and minutes, while the other has a hidden, mischievous scene that comes to life when a button is pressed. 

The entire engraving on both dial sides pays homage to the brilliant Mexican engraver José Guadalupe Posada, who famously brought the dead to life in the late 19th century. Posada’s work served as a wellspring of inspiration for Denis Flageollet and Michèle Rothen in 2020 when crafting the DW5 Cempasúchil. With “Cempasúchil II,” they once again embrace the aesthetic essence and details of Posada’s work, artfully infusing macabre motifs with the lively spirit of Mexican Dia de Muertos. The titanium casing, flame-blued and adorned with subtle gold inlays, bestows a touch of preciousness and illumination upon this masterpiece.

This one-of-a-kind creation is a testament to the versatile nature of the Kind-of-Two series, offering clients the chance to order bespoke versions, complete with their own automaton mechanisms. This freedom unleashes a world of possibilities, encompassing a variety of animations, both playful and non-erotic, as well as different movement configurations. The “Cempasúchil II” showcases both mechanical and aesthetic brilliance, making it a true marvel in the world of horology.