Brian M. Afuang

This Is What Completes Your Rolls-Royce

Carmaker’s Bespoke Design Collection brings out its latest accoutrement

A ROLLS-ROYCE packs an umbrella or two within its doors (or very near them). Its exterior color palette is completely customizable. Most of the items lining its cabin can be personalized according to the taste — or whims — of its well-heeled client. Moreover, a Rolls-Royce is so meticulously constructed the brand has become an accepted benchmark for excellence; some particularly luxurious digs can be referred to as the “Rolls-Royce of hotels,” for instance.     

And so from luggage to pens, crystal ware to, well, umbrellas, Rolls-Royce provides its clientele the poshest of such stuff. Now, the marque’s Bespoke Design Collective releases — in Rolls-Royce’s prose — an “accoutrement intended to delight, suitable for the most extravagant of environments, from a superyacht to the terrace of a private residence.” What this new item is, is the Champagne Chest, which extends the “scope for personalization beyond the confines of automotive luxury.”


Like most things in a Rolls-Royce, the Champagne Chest is handcrafted. It is made from machined aluminum and carbon-fiber. It is swathed in natural grain black leather embossed on which is the marque’s Spirit of Ecstasy icon. It gets Tudor oak wood. A customer can pick his or her own colorway.

Pressing a button theatrically opens the chest’s case, revealing within flutes and related trappings a quartet needs to enjoy their bubbly. The cover itself transforms into a lacquered serving tray inlaid with laser-cut steel decor. Four cotton napkins, each monogrammed “RR,” lie discreetly tucked under the tray table.
Craving for more drama? The four hand-blown crystal flutes contained in the Champagne Chest, arranged like the cylinders of a V12 (well, a third of it), are illuminated from within the center of the chest and rest on a polished aluminum base. Like the napkins, the flutes are monogrammed.


The sides of the chest automatically deploy, unveiling a pair of hammocks in Hotspur Red Rolls-Royce leather. These can cradle a bottle of champagne, as well as caviar or canapés. Ensuring the drinks stay at their best temperature are thermal coolers made from black anodized aluminum and carbon-fiber. Yes, they bear the “RR” emblem, too.

This Rolls-Royce accessory does not stop there. The thing can also be specified to have a “caviar configuration.” Two thermal caviar caissons, each accommodating a 30-gram tin, are complemented by two blini caissons. A pair of spoons in mother-of-pearl with anodized aluminum handles attaches by magnet to the top of the hammock. The reason? So these won’t impair the flavor of the caviar (no, I don’t know how either). Three porcelain bowls concealed in a matching thermal capsule can be ordered; Rolls-Royce reckons some might prefer an alternative accompaniment to champagne.

The Champagne Chest really takes bubbly storage — and consumption — to, well, Rolls-Royce levels.


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