The Chopard New High Perfumery Collection

Inspired by the Gardens of Paradise. Four sumptuous fragrances based on a Luxury Natural Philosophy

Chopard Parfums is proud to announce the launch of four new fragrances inspired by the Gardens of Paradise. In-line with Chopard’s commitment with The Journey to Sustainable Luxury, Chopard Parfums is launching a new initiative in a visionary journey towards natural and responsible perfumery.

Chopard was the first watchmaker and jeweller in the world to enable small scale mining communities to reach Fairmined certification as well as provide training, social welfare and environmental support.

With these new fragrances, the Maison reaffirms its commitment by introducing the first perfumes composed of ingredients from the Naturals Together programme.

Leading the brand at the forefront of luxury natural perfumery and echoing the brand’s vision as a Jeweller, Chopard Parfums will place natural, positive and ethical luxury perfume-making at the heart of its inspiration as a Maison de Parfums.

(left) Alberto Morillas (center) Caroline Scheufele

Chopard aims at creating exceptional fragrances, rich of the most pristine and premium natural ingredients, in-line with its Journey to Sustainable Luxury, a project that started in 2013 at Cannes Film Festival with the launch of the High Jewellery Green Carpet Collection. It is a multi-year and ambitious program, focusing on sourcing and traceability of raw materials, led by Caroline Scheufele in partnership with Eco-Age and its creative Director Livia Firth.

Chopard Parfums’ olfactive and social philosophy are united. The brand aims to follow the highest standards and champions excellence, individuality, nature and positivity—the core values at the very heart of its fragrance universe.

Heavenly Fragrances made on Earth
Inspired by the Arabian Gardens of Paradise, these four new high-end fragrances are a tribute to the most mythical and mystical gardens of the Orient.

From the Mediterranean to the East, these legendary gardens are the expression of the Golden age of the Arabian civilization. Mythical and mystical, peaceful and secret, traversed by rivers of water, milk and honey, these dream gardens were filled with the most beautiful, sweet-smelling and colourful flowers and fruits, under the shade of majestic trees.

With the Gardens of Paradise Collection, Chopard Parfums is offering fragrance connoisseurs the quality of the highest tradition of perfumery. These creations showcase an extraordinary quantity of pristine natural ingredients, shining the spot-light on twenty-five premium materials mostly coming from Firmenich centres of excellence across the World, under their Naturals Together sustainability program.

All four fragrances are creations from the world-class perfumer Alberto Morillas, one of the most iconic perfumers of our times and a true master of natural ingredients.

This new Collection follows the introduction of Chopard’s first four high-end fragrance creations, inspired by the Gardens of the Tropics, announced at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival.

A Haven of refreshing and sensuous notes. Divine Delight from the Desert.
Reminiscent of precious spices, tea infusions and sweet pomegranate, Miel d’Arabie is textured with the floral and balsamic aromas of an exceptional honey extract. Noble and earthy patchouli, together with incense and cypress essential oils, further contrast and deepen this intriguing and unforgettable scent.

A Moorish Garden of a sunlit citrus freshness. The radiant Glow of a Golden Age.
Crisp, radiant and sensuous, Orange Mauresque is a sophisticated blend of zests, solar flowers and millenary amber notes. A marvelous breath of citrus fruits, precious neroli and orange blossom absolute, nestled on the balsamic notes of Siam benzoin and copaiba balm.

The secret sensuality of sacred Nights in a Moghul Moonlight Garden.
Nocturnal Indian and Chinese jasmine,  exhilarating tuberose, intermingled with the most exquisite Damascena rose, creamy sandalwood and mystic cypriol, illuminate the night with their warm, intense and sultry scents.

The richest Flower of Wonder, from the luxuriant hanging Gardens of Babylon.
Rose Seljuke is a rich and intoxicating scent, an unexpected and luxuriant experience of rose. A superb quality Damascena rose is wrapped in a sumptuous blend of oriental woods, and smoothed with luscious Madagascar vanilla, tonka bean and Peru balm.


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