Katherine S. Cunanan

Beautiful Darkness

Ready for the Holidays

Christmas is just around the corner and we are all looking for the perfect gifts to give. A watch is wonderful gift because it has both form and function. NOMOS Glashütte gives us two version of the classic Orion watch to choose from – a 38mm, and a 33mm.

NOMOS Glashütte originally introduced the Orion in 1992, and in continues to be a classic model. Was it named after the Orion constellation, perhaps? The Orion constellation lies on the celestial equator and is one of the brightest constellations. Often associated with the mythical hunter Orion, it is depicted in the night sky as a bull chasing after two sisters. It contains two of the 10 recognized brightest stars in the sky.

Yet, the Orion timepiece is pure midnight blue. Not a star in sight. And that’s really okay – the juxtaposition of darkness and light makes you appreciate both. The stars are bright only because the sky is deep and dark. And beautiful.

The Orion dial is a crisp midnight blue, with only the hour indexes and hands adding a touch of gold to the wide expanse (are these the stars from the constellation, albeit in a very minimalistic interpretation?). I particularly like concentric circles on the seconds dial. It adds just enough detail to the midnight blue to make it interesting.

Both the Orion 38 and Orion 33 watches are handcrafted by the skilled men and women at NOMOS Glashütte. The watch is perfect for the holidays – whether for someone else or yourself (we all deserve a good gift, don’t we?) – and is also a fine choice for daily wear. The watches have a domed sapphire crystal on both sides, adding to the visual beauty and invisible strength. The case curves gently and the lugs are tapered for a sleek fit. The watch features manual winding, courtesy of the caliber Alpha (an in-house movement from the German watchmakers).

Orion by NOMOS Glashütte is elegant and powerful, and will make the perfect holiday gift.


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