A Journey To The Stars

BR S Diamond Eagle

In 2016, watchmaker Bell & Ross launched the BR S Diamond Eagle women’s watch. This elegant timepiece was hugely successful. In response to its popularity, the brand has decided to launch a complete collection this year. The dials on the models in this collection are inspired, as previously, by the celestial sphere. They are covered with a host of sparkling diamonds that twinkle like stars in the night sky. The new family features four colors: blue, white, grey and pink, colors that evoke the heavens.

Birth of a success
Early travellers used the stars as reference points during voyages on land or at sea. This enabled them to travel in darkness. The pioneers of aviation also used the stars to guide their planes at night. So it’s no surprise that Bell & Ross, a company of aviation enthusiasts, has taken inspiration from the night sky to create the BR S Diamond Eagle. This women’s model was unveiled in 2016. This bold, attractive timepiece pays tribute to the twinkling stars that punctuate the celestial sphere like an array of tiny spotlights illuminating the night. For this elegant model, the brand used the Aquila, or Eagle Constellation, one of the brightest clusters of stars in the Milky Way.

This most magnificent of birds symbolizes power. The refined BR S Diamond Eagle conveys this power, whilst remaining a beautifully feminine watch. It marries extreme speed with extraordinary elegance.

Building on the success of this first captivating collection, Bell & Ross has decided to turn it into an entire family that will be launched this year.

This new family is available in four colors: blue, grey, white and pink. These colors can all be seen lighting up the skies as the planet turns through days and seasons. The watch brand’s artistic directors chose midnight blue, the distinguishing color of the Milky Way. Grey represents the moon. White evokes fluffy cumulonimbus or cirrus clouds. And pink, which graces the sky at sunrise and sunset, recalls the supernovae, the mysterious stars that produce a pink halo when they explode.

Each of these stylish colors comes in two distinct versions. The “simple” variant, whose delicate “Constellation” dial is adorned with a host of tiny diamonds. The “diamond” variant, a more precious version featuring a bezel set with 66 diamonds that makes it a piece of jewelry in watch form.

Its understated design features the iconic “circle within a square”, shape conceived by Bell & Ross for the unique BR01. The case featured in this new, modern collection measures a decidedly feminine 39 mm. This extremely slim exterior produces a very elegant profile. The collection’s alluring variants are made from on-trend materials adapted for daily use: Steel, with an alternating polished and satin finish that creates a strong visual contrast. White ceramic, with a new gloss finish for a highly feminine touch. The back of the watch features a stylized depiction of the Aquila constellation.

The sunray finish creates an illusion of depth, evoking the infinite expansion of the sky and space. The dial is set with seven diamonds, positioned as in the Aquila constellation. The indices are very subtly faceted, and the delicate hands feature a highly refined design. The result is a timepiece that marries femininity with the finesse of the most sought-after horological finishes. The white version has a gloss dial.

There are two types of bracelets to match the dial color. The strap on the blue and pink versions is in alligator, while that of the grey and white variants is in satin-finished calfskin.

For a more modern style and optimal wearing comfort, Bell & Ross also offers a metal Milanese mesh bracelet. This is made from very fine flexible steel strips polished on both sides. The white version can be fitted with a bracelet made from ceramic mesh on rubber. These two materials are very comfortable to wear. They feature an easy-to-use folding buckle system.

The graphical shape of the BR S Diamond Eagle is composed of a circle within a square. This assembly forms a kind of “porthole” that reveals the diamonds on the elegant dial in a subtle representation of the celestial sphere. This collection of timeless, feminine watches comprises delicate and precious horological jewelry pieces. It takes its inspiration from the limitless expansion of the heavens.


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