Richard S. Cunanan

Written by Hand

Sometimes the way we do a thing is as important as what we’re doing. Writing has always been a tool, a means, a method. But sometimes, for those very important moments, or for those very important people, it becomes a way of passing on your love for them. A handwritten note is halfway between an electronic message and a painting. When your loved one sees the strokes of your pen, and holds in their hand the paper that you held in yours, there is a connection that no screen can ever convey.

Montegrappa knows that for the moments that matter, it is devoutly to be hoped that your loved ones take both your words and your meaning to heart. And that sometimes you hope and you pray that your feelings will travel through your pen, to carry the thoughts that may find your words inadequate. Not all of us are poets; but all of us, sometimes, are lovers.