September 28, 2018     |    

Stories of Oris

An Interview with Oris Regional Manager, Michael Meier

Calibre sat down with Michael Meier, Oris Regional Manager for South East Asia, who explained to us the importance of storytelling and what, exactly, made Oris tick.

Oris is a mid-range Swiss watchmaker that makes solid and dependable but reasonably priced mechanical wristwatches that (most importantly) survived the death-dealing calamity that was the quartz crisis of the 1970s and lived to tell the tale. In fact, storytelling became one of their company mantras.

This is what a lot of what we do is all about, said Mr. Meier. “When you have a watch it tells a story. We know what the time is without wearing a watch, so in the end (a watch) more than just a time telling device. It’s telling a story, and it tells your own story, (it shows) a part of your personality, but at the same time it also tells the story of where it came from, from the factory from where it started.”

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