Richard S. Cunanan
October 16, 2017     |    

The Wave in Motion

Omega gives us the Aqua Terra, to remind us that the world is water.

The watches of Omega’s 2017 Aqua Terra Seamaster collection are even more reliable than before, and that serves to remind us that to live is to evolve. There’s even a magnificent limited edition Worldtimer version, with an image of the Earth on it.

The Aqua Terra Seamaster has been around for a while, and it is already a damn fine watch. But now with the 2017 releases of the new Aqua Terra Seamaster, they are making the watch just that little bit better.

The new Aqua Terra bears triangular hour indices and bold hands; the new dial has less wording than previous incarnations, making the look tidier, cleaner. With the date window positioned at 6 o’clock, the dial now bears a certain frank simplicity.

The dial’s lined surface calls to mind the polished wooden decks of a luxury yacht. The lines are now horizontal, rather than vertical. The watch’s twisted lugs and wave design ensure harmony of both fit and fashion.

“… a wave-pattern engraving which shows, simultaneously, that the watch can resist the water but is not afraid of it.”

The water-resistance notice has been moved to the case back. The winding crown on the new watch is conically shaped.

Joining the team as Omega’s latest fan is versatile and accomplished actor Eddie Redmayne, who headed the cast of the Harry Potter prequel “Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them.” Elegant, well-dressed, flexible, fearless, Eddie Redmayne seems to embody the qualities that make up the Aqua Terra Seamaster. It’s a fine match, no less so than a wizard with his wand.

Perhaps the greatest change in the new Aqua Terra models, however, is the internal precision which accompanies the Master Chronometer designation. The 2017Aqua Terra Seamaster watches meet these incredibly high standards.

Time flows on, and so does nature. Mankind evolves, and so does Omega, bringing their timepieces ever closer to that ideal. Following our evolutionary heritage, you might say.


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