Katherine S. Cunanan
October 24, 2016     |    

Lively Possibilities

Choices for the active woman.

Each day brings many options – what to do, where to go, who to see, what to wear. Some things are within your control – I can attend a conference or choose to meet with someone I mentor; I can dress for work, or dress for leisure. Some things are not under your control – I have to discuss this project with an industry colleague, and I have to complete the staff evaluations. But even when your day is full of ‘have-to,’ you can exercise a bit of freedom by employing a ‘get-to.’

Chopard offers an alternative to the same-look-every-day watch by giving you the Happy Sport. The Happy Sport, introduced in 1993, was described as, “Precious, yet resolutely sporty.” The 2016 version comes with two rubber straps – black and white. Classic and ever-so-universal. They go with anything and everything. You can choose to blend in – white ensemble, white watch. Or choose to make a subtle statement – white ensemble, black watch.

But if you want to make a bold statement, the Happy Sport gives you that power too. Aside from the two straps that come with the steel watch case, you can purchase any of the three colors-of-the-season rubber straps: sky blue (relaxing), sea green (refreshing), and bright orange (energetic).

The best thing is you can do the strap swaps at home – no need to find a service center. So when you decide you want sea green instead of white, it is easy to do. And if you decide you wanted white after all, it is a simple switch back. And on the back of each strap is the inscription, “Be Happy.” Not that you’d need the reminder, but it’s a nice touch.

The Happy Sport still has the beauty and whimsy of the original version – the free-floating diamonds are there to dazzle you, set against the white dial. Five mobile diamonds, or cinq diamants mobiles – sounds more enchanting in French, somehow. You can also choose the diamond-set bezel, if you prefer. My problem? I want all the straps. Having that many options will definitely help me Be Happy.


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