“This Is The Watch You’re Looking For”

An imposing watch fit for a (storm) trooper, URWERK brings us the EMC Timehunter “Stormtrooper."

Yes, this is the watch you want. You know it, you feel it, you want it.

URWERK watches tend to bring out that response in people, and this is true with their latest offering the, EMC Timehunter. URWERK is an avant-garde and daring brand, headed by co-founders Felix Baumgartner and Martin Frei. Their creations are quirky, fascinating, and always eye-catching.

The EMC White Ceramic Timehunter aka Stormtrooper is no different. Baumgartner and Frei have a well-known love for science fiction in general, and Star Wars in particular. In fact, Calibre wrote about the URWERK watch seemingly created for the dark side, back in 2018. The URWERK UR-111C would have been perfect for Darth Vader. It was black, futuristic (as nearly all URWERK watches are) and in a limited edition of 25 pieces. I suppose even Vader needed his spares.

EMC Timehunter

But now focus has turned to the white ceramic watch, possibly created for the henchmen, the minions of Vader. It is marketing genius, actually – all Star Wars fans of the dark side dream of being or leading the famed ‘troopers, and this watch will help them live out their fantasy. Honestly even though I identify with the light side, this watch might actually sway me over to the dark side just to get this watch.

As explained by the brand, “The signature armour of the Stormtrooper was an instant icon ever since it blasted onto the scene in 1977. Designed for Lucas by Ralph McQuarrie, a conceptual artist who also worked on Battle Starship Galactica and E.T. The Stormtrooper was designed to intimidate but also look super cool and super clean.” They sure hit the peg on that brief: intimidate but look super cool and super clean.

EMC Timehunter

Just as its inspiration piece, the EMC Timehunter “Stormtrooper” is super cool and super clean, and yes, intimidating. The white ceramic case is a clear departure from the brand’s previous black ceramic watches. And it’s perfect to have chosen the ‘Trooper as the avenue to launch the white version. It’s a juxtaposition – launching the Dark Side with a light AND white watch. The rebellion is not just on the surface either. The EMC Timehunter “Stormtrooper” uses an electronic/mechanical system developed in-house. As part of the UR-Chronometry family, the EMC Timehunter “Stormtrooper” was built to have outstanding precision. The EMC Timehunter is a completely mechanical watch but is made better with the help of an electro-optical circuit. So what does that mean, exactly?

The hand-wound movement – the Calibre UR-EMC2 — was created by the geniuses at URWERK. This has a Swiss lever escapement and the ARCAP P40 balance. The series-coupled twin vertical barrels create an 80-hour power source. But there is also the EMC Timehunter Maxon®hand-wound generator charging the accumulator. The integrated circuit controls the optical sensor. The watch has so many things going on — hours, minutes, rate deviation, amplitude and chronometric performance indicator, power reserve, fine tuning screw. The main dial has a checkered hand grenade pattern and displays the hours and minutes. The EMC Timehunter has a small seconds hand at 1 o’clock, and is complemented by the power reserve indicator at 7 o’clock. Given more real estate on the dial are the precision timekeeping monitoring functions at the 11 o’clock.

EMC Timehunter
EMC Timehunter

The watch is not just technical though – it is also amazing to look at. The EMC Stormtrooper case is ceramic-lacquered grade 5 titanium and stainless steel. It is a bit large at 43mm wide, 51mm long, and 15.8mm thick, but of course out ‘Troopers need a formidable watch that can live through anything (including lightsaber hits). The watch is not symmetrical but is that is exactly part of the appeal. The white palette with black detail is so much like the Stormtrooper uniform that one might think it was part of the gear issued to a ‘trooper. The finishing is very polished and clean, and the micro-bead blasting and matte ceramic lacquer- type treatment make the watch all the more appealing. The black dial has both form and function, and each zone on the dial is clearly within its own space. The fluorescent green Super-LumiNova® painted on the important areas adds to the futuristic look. The ‘EMC’ on the white ceramic case is subtle, and the three areas previously mentioned (second hands, power reserve indicator, and EM control) are also quietly labeled for clarity.

As URWERK says, “the EMC TimeHunter the world’s only truly wearer-adjustable watch.” The wearer can fine-tune the balance speed to correct deviations, with no need of special tools or visits to the watch center. The corrector is on the back of the watch, also labeled “Fine Tuning,” and can manage the movement by adjusting the length of the regulating balance spring.

The URWERK EMC TimeHunter “Stormtrooper” is a very limited edition of just 5 pieces. So if this is the watch you are looking for (and you know it is), you know what you need to do.