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Vulcain Is Bringing Back Its 1970s Chronographs To Align With The Current Trends

Over its 165-year-long history, Vulcain has consistently maintained its position as an excellent watchmaker, producing high-quality mechanical timepieces with groundbreaking innovations at their Manufacture in Le Locle, the birthplace of Swiss watchmaking. These precise and timeless watches have gained a new appreciation among collectors as they are revived. Initially, Vulcain focused on diving and aeronautics, but now they are turning their attention to the open road, relaunching their universal chronograph, the Chronograph 1970’s.


Sporty, chic, sophisticated
Since 1885, Vulcain has been creating unique collections of watches, which include original pieces that have yet to be reissued. Recently, while exploring the old product catalogues, Guillaume Laidet, a consultant in charge of collections at Vulcain, discovered a hidden gem – a chronograph from the 1970s, featuring a blue dial and gray counters.

Guillaume Laidet, Vulcain consultant in charge of the collections

The newly introduced Chronograph 1970’s is a replica of the original model, designed to appeal to lovers of vintage chronographs. It has a diameter of 38mm, a thickness of 12.40mm, and features the classic “step-case” design. The watch is available in four different dial colors – blue, black, panda-silver, and salmon (limited to 50 pieces). The hand-wound SW510 M BH movement powers the timepiece, offering a 63-hour power reserve that is appreciated by both collectors and daily wearers.

The VULCAIN Manufacture in Le Locle, Switzerland

1858… The flame of a watchmaking legend is lit
The flame of Vulcain has burned brightly in the Swiss Jura mountains from the very beginning, a region already renowned for its precision watchmaking. The founders of Vulcain, the Ditisheim brothers, were two talented watchmakers who quickly established themselves as experts in precision engineering and the production of complex watches, including minute repeaters, chimes of varying sizes, and perpetual calendars. Their watchmaking masterpieces received numerous awards at international exhibitions, solidifying their reputation for excellence.

In Roman mythology, Vulcan (known as Hephaestus in Greek mythology) was the god of fire and volcanoes, revered by blacksmiths for his ability to forge the swords of the gods. It is fitting, then, that the forge of excellence established by the Ditisheim brothers should bear the name Vulcain. Today, the bellows continue to breathe fresh oxygen into the hearth of Vulcain, building upon a rich past to create an even brighter future.

1947… Setting the world on Cricket Time!
In 1947, Vulcain utilized its extensive expertise in horological complications to design a remarkable tool watch for the fast-paced business era – the first alarm watch that was not only effective but also elegant. The renowned Cricket movement generated a mechanical vibration that was powerful and long-lasting enough to rouse its wearer, all while fitting into a standard-sized wristwatch case – an unprecedented feat! During a press conference at the White House, President Harry S. Truman’s Cricket alarm unexpectedly went off, creating a historical moment. The Vulcain Cricket soon became a must-have accessory for influential people worldwide, including Truman’s successors, earning its nickname, “The Presidents’ Watch.” Even today, each US president is gifted a Vulcain Cricket, and judging by the heartfelt letters of gratitude, it remains a valuable and highly appreciated accessory.


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