Bert Casal
January 26, 2021    |    

The Tyrannosaurus Rex

The Urwerk UR-100V T-Rex is the latest iteration of Urwerk’s UR-100 collection.

This latest release carries both Urwerk’s genome in its satellite hours and that of its namesake in the texture of its reinforced bronze case. This primal finish acts as a perfect foil to the modernity of this time-telling device. Yet, both elements meld into a cohesive timepiece that sits beautifully on the wrist and makes for a good topic of conversation.

The 41-mm UR-100V T-Rex features satellite wandering hours and a new type of self-winding system. However, its hide, in a mosaic of scales, has a somewhat more sensual texture. Its case is in sold bronze that has undergone three successive treatments. The first lies in the unusual composition of the alloy which results in a delicate patina. The bronze is then subjected to a controlled milling station that carves the pattern of the scales on the top and sides of the case. The final processes, sand-blasting and Urwerk’s proprietary method of biochemical burnishing, give the watch its distinctive color.

UR-100V T-Rex
UR-100V T-Rex
UR-100V T-Rex
UR-100V T-Rex

The machine responsible for indicating the time is the UR 12.02 with a self-winding system governed by the Windfänger turbine and planetary gearing. Three satellites, each carrying four hours, rotate on a three-armed carousel. In turn, each satellite carries a red pointer along a 60-minute scale. The regular orbit of the hours replicates the planetary dance in miniature scale. The watch is wound while you wear it by a rotor. This is coupled to a device called the Windfänger that is specific to the UR-100 models. It’s a planetary gear that limits the action of the rotor to avoid overwinding and excessive wear.

Finally, the UR-100V T-Rex has a feature that puts other watches into the dinosaur age. Once the red pointer of the satellite hours has completed its 60-minute journey, it reappears to show the distance travelled by our planet. In the scale at 9 o’clock on the case, the pointer shows the 555.5 km travelled by a point on the equator in a period of 20 minutes. The 20-minute scale on the other side of the dial shows the 35,742 km the Earth travels in its orbit around the sun in that time.

The Urwerk UR-100V T-Rex comes in a limited edition of only 22 pieces.


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