Katherine S. Cunanan
August 23, 2018    |    

Snow Perfect

An athlete covers the powder

Winter sports are always fascinating. There is something about the clean palette of white snow covering the course that is idyllic and peaceful. And when the tranquil scene is broken by athletes whizzing past on skis and snowboards, it is amazing.

Nelly Moenne-Loccoz was introduced to alpine skiing at the tender age of three, thanks to her father who was a ski instructor. Age was no barrier and she grew in ability and in appreciation for the sport. Alpine skiing, also known as downhill skiing, is the sport of skiing down snow-covered slopes with fixed-heel bindings. It has been a Winter Olympic sport since 1936. After competing in alpine skiing for some years, Nelly’s interested was piqued by a different winter sport – snowboard cross.

Snowboard cross, or boarder cross, is a recent addition to the Winter games lineup and it involves having 6 snowboarders on the same course at the same time. It is a race to the finish, and considering the speed that the snowboarders take, the race might only last for a minute. The course involves jumps and turns, and it is basically a free-for-all one the racers leave the gate  — there are no set lanes. To manage the danger and promote safety, finishing first is not the only criteria for a win – they also factor in rule adherence.

Nelly has made snowboard cross her field of expertise, and as part of the French National Team, she considers the sport, “funformance” – a mix of fun and performance. She is focused and dedicated indeed and is committed to hit the podiums on all of her races. The proof is in the pudding, or on the podium in her case, as she has been a three-time Olympic Games participant (2010, 2014, and 2018), and a two-time vice-Champion (2011 and 2015). In the 2017-2018 seasons, Nelly finished #3 in the FIS Worldcup Snowboard Cross ranking.

This same focus and dedication is not limited to the course. When Nelly visits the Alpina atelier for a revision to her timepieces, she gets done to business. She grabs a watchmaker’s blouse and picks a watchmaker’s station to be her home for the day. Imagine the elation of the watchmakers to have an eager visitor to educate in the workings of her watch. Definitely a day worth remembering.

Nelly Moenne-Loccoz is a perfect choice for Ambassador for Alpina. She exhibits perseverance and competitiveness and is dedicated to excellence. The Alpine spirit is evident in her, not only in her love for the Alpina watches, but moreso her love for Alpine sports and the Alpine universe. She has the strong foundations for continued success in her future races. I’m sure her watchmaker friends are cheering her on.


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