July 7, 2023    |    

Seiko Unveils Limited Edition SJE093: A Re-Creation of the Iconic 1965 Diver’s Watch

Experience the authenticity and modernity of the SJE093 powered by Slimline Caliber 6L37 movement.

In a tribute to the past and a celebration of enduring craftsmanship, Seiko proudly presents the limited edition SJE093, a faithful re-creation of the iconic 1965 diver’s watch. With its slimline Caliber 6L37 movement and a perfect blend of authenticity and modernity, the SJE093 captures the essence of the original timepiece like never before.

Seiko’s pioneering diver’s watch from 1965 was a watershed moment not only for the company but also for Japan. It immediately established a reputation for dependability and originality as the country’s first diver’s watch. During their expeditions from 1966 to 1969, members of the Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition depended on its automated movement and outstanding water resistance of 150 meters. Seiko continues to build diver’s watches that professionals and adventurers all over the world admired after the success of the 1965 model.

Seiko's iconic 1965 diver's watch

Now, in the Prospex collection, Seiko introduces the SJE093, a limited edition re-creation that honors the original design while incorporating modern enhancements. Powered by the slimline Caliber 6L37 movement, the SJE093 maintains the accuracy and power reserve of the trusted 6L35 movement while meeting the rigorous standards of a Seiko Prospex diver’s watch, thanks to advancements in construction and materials.

While remaining loyal to the original, the SJE093 integrates modern components that highlight Seiko’s watchmaking ability. The clock has a box-shaped sapphire crystal, which ensures durability and adds to its attractiveness. The SJE093’s water resistance of up to 200 meters ensures dependability for diving and water activities. The strap, which pays homage to the original design, is made of high-strength silicone and provides both durability and comfort. Furthermore, the hands and all 12 markers, including the one by the date window and the pip on the unidirectional bezel, are filled with Lumibrite, which improves legibility in low-light circumstances.

The SJE093, a limited edition re-creation, will be available at Seiko Boutiques and select retail outlets throughout the world, giving watch aficionados and collectors the opportunity to possess a piece of Seiko’s rich heritage. This limited edition wristwatch enables you to cherish the tradition of the 1965 diver’s watch while experiencing the dependability and innovation of modern horology. Seize the opportunity to purchase the SJE093 and embark on a timeless experience with Seiko beginning in August 2023.


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