Katherine S. Cunanan

For the future: Salanitro and Patek Philippe

Salanitro and Patek Philippe forge a closer relationship, ensuring excellence into the future.

Look to the future with open eyes and an open mind. Look to the future with promise and anticipation. Look to the future, it will be built on the foundations of today. And those foundations are strong and steadfast, especially when two established companies decide to strengthen a partnership.

Partnerships can be equally challenging and rewarding. You’ve built your dream into something amazing, fueled by creativity and passion, and you want to work with someone equally focused and dedicated. Salanitro SA and Patek Philippe found these ideal traits in each other, and with the recent announcement, the future looks bright.


Salanitro SA is a Geneva-based jewellery design and gem-setting firm created more than 3 decades ago. They have worked for the most prestigious brands that valued their creativity, innovation, and excellent craftsmanship. As Pierre Salanitro explained, his children had plans other than managing the firm, so he sought another partner when doing his succession planning. He wanted someone dedicated to excellence, who values history and traditions, while still looking to the future.

As it turns out, he did not have to look far. Salanitro has had a long working relationship and friendship with Thierry Stern, of Patek Philippe SA. It made complete sense for Salanitro SA and Patek Philippe SA to explore a closer future together, with Patek Philippe SA acquiring a stake in Salanitro SA. This ensures that Salanitro SA will continue into the future, assuring us of dazzling jewels and craftsmanship.


Thierry Stern commented: “We believe that this is a great opportunity to contribute to securing the future as well as the continuity of a Geneva-based family business to which we are close, and with which we share the same values of excellence, independence and family spirit. We are delighted to further strengthen our ties with Pierre Salanitro. His well-run business is ideally positioned to continue to grow and develop its production capacity in the jewellery watch segment, which offers significant potential for development.”

Pierre Salanitro will stay on as Salanitro SA President and CEO. As he shared: “I am very proud and delighted that Patek Philippe has acquired a stake in my company. Patek Philippe is an emblematic Manufacture that represents the ideal partner for securing the firm’s future. I have great confidence in Thierry Stern and his team to continue our activities and guarantee jobs beyond generations.”

With Salanitro and Patek Philippe together, the future looks bright indeed.


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