Katherine S. Cunanan

Pretty In Pleats With The Égérie

Vacheron Constantin brings structure and fluidity through the pleated designs from Yiqing Yin and the “One of not many campaign.”

Vacheron Constantin has many horological collections that captivate us, among them, the Traditionelle, the Overseas, and the Fiftysix. There is one collection that is always interesting because it can push the envelope while maintaining the classic aesthetic and beauty: the Égérie collection. Vacheron Constantin has been creating beautiful timepieces since 1755 and their rich history has given the Maison the edge in unique technical pieces with exquisite finishing and design, and this time, they do it with pleats.

The Égérie collection allows the Maison to look outside its storied walls and venture into collaboration with like-minded creative spirits. The collection name in itself offers a clue – égérie, meaning muse. To muse over something means to be absorbed in thought, to wonder, to marvel; to be called a muse means to be a source of inspiration. Either use suits the Égérie collection to a T. The Maison seeks out those who have excellence and creativity akin to their own but typically in a different field. For the recent Égérie collection, Vacheron Constantin has brought in the prodigy from the Haute Couture world, Yiqing Yin, to join the “One of not many” campaign. Indeed, Yiqing Yin’s couture creations are indeed breathtaking and unique.


Yiqing Yin’s unique take on the couture world may be a result of her constant travels since childhood. Travel expands the mind, and in this case, perhaps awakened the creative spirit in her. She is also a graduate of École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. She was also awarded the Grand Prix de la Création de la Ville de Paris in 2009, among other awards, and has worked with Cartier and Hermès. She has also participated in several art exhibitions across the globe, including “A world of Feathers” in Stockholm, the “Haute Dentelle” exhibition in Calais, and the “Animalia Fashion” exhibition in Florence.

Yiqing Yin can at once muse over the sights and experiences and be the muse for creative exploration. It is interesting to note that the design detail from couture that has found its way onto the dials of the Vacheron Constantin timepieces is the pleat. Yes, the simple pleat, more than a simple gathering or ruching of material, it is the methodical and structured use of the fabric that gives a garment depth and fluidity. There is a mesmerizing juxtaposition there – the structure that provides flow. Indeed, Yiqing Yin’s collections are known for their flowing lines combined with structured looks. She explains her fascination to “an intuitive method of creation, a sensory wandering and a search for voluntary accidents.”

The delicate pleats make their appearance on the dials of the Vacheron Constantin watches along with the off-center aesthetic. The partnering of the couture spirit with the elegance of the Vacheron Constantin timepieces is perfection – they go together like two pleats in a couture skirt.


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