Martin Zialcita
April 20, 2020    |    

Joie de Vivre

Porsche x Petrolicious

In this new age of social distancing and enhanced community quarantines, Porsche brings us something to watch that harkens back to better days. Produced in collaboration with the immensely popular automotive site Petrolicious, this new series of 6 videos (of 20 minutes each) highlight different individuals that represent the lifestyle and values espoused by Porsche and can now be viewed on Porsche’s official YouTube channel.

These videos are not what would you expect from a car manufacturer. Each episode tries capture that ineffable concept of ‘soul’ with all the myriad nuances that word implies. More than that, this is also about joie de vivre – the zest for life found in each individual featured in this series.

One of the people featured is the Parisian fashion designer Stéphane Ashpool