Maurice Lacroix Unveils the New PONTOS S Diver: A Timepiece for Adventurous Souls

Dive into the World of Exploration with the Enhanced PONTOS S Diver by Maurice Lacroix

Maurice Lacroix proudly introduces the new PONTOS S Diver, a timepiece that dares to explore uncharted waters. Building upon the success of its first-generation model from 2013, the Swiss brand has reimagined the iconic divers’ watch while incorporating numerous enhancements. To ensure its reliability and endurance, Maurice Lacroix enlisted the expertise of Lidija Lijic, a world champion freediver renowned for her extraordinary achievements and unwavering determination. The result is a timepiece that captures the spirit of adventure and offers impeccable style.

After briefly abandoning the PONTOS S Diver to focus on other projects, Maurice Lacroix reacted to the requests of its ardent fans and enthusiasts. The brand heard and chose to release an upgraded version of the watch while retaining its original spirit. The new model pays respect to its predecessor by adhering to the tried-and-true design language that resonates with urban-inspired aesthetics. The PONTOS S Diver, handcrafted in Switzerland with great attention to detail, symbolizes the brand’s commitment to provide exceptional quality and value.

Maurice Lacroix worked with Lidija Lijic, a member of the ML Crew and an expert freediver, to verify that the PONTOS S Diver could resist the rigors of the deep sea. Lidija’s experiences in both warm and cold Himalayan waters helped to improve the timepiece’s performance. As an athlete who is continuously pushing her own limits, Lidija’s advice was critical in refining the watch’s durability and functionality. Her commitment to her art, along with the experience of Maurice Lacroix, has resulted in a diver’s watch that exudes confidence and empowers its owner.

Encased in a 42mm case, the PONTOS S Diver is available in stainless steel or, for the first time, bronze. Its design is marked by facetted hour and minute hands adorned with Super-LumiNova®, ensuring readability in any environment. The enhanced dial features crisp indexes and minute markings, while a raised border highlights the date display. Equipped with an internal rotating bezel and a dedicated crown, the watch allows divers to measure elapsed time underwater accurately. The automatic ML115 calibre powers the watch, eliminating the need for manual winding and ensuring reliable performance.

Maurice Lacroix offers multiple variants of the PONTOS S Diver to cater to individual preferences. The steel models come with black grained or white lacquered dials, while the limited-edition bronze model boasts a captivating blue grained dial. Each model is thoughtfully designed with coordinating elements, such as color-coordinated crowns, ensuring a harmonious aesthetic. The watch is complemented by a selection of straps, including leather and rubber options, allowing for personalization and versatility.

The new PONTOS S Diver by Maurice Lacroix embodies the spirit of adventure and an unwavering dedication to quality. Inspired by Lidija Lijic’s daring pursuit of greatness, this timepiece welcomes adventure both underwater and in urban settings. With its unique design, upgraded functionality, and flawless craftsmanship, the PONTOS S Diver is the ideal companion for those who dare to explore uncharted depths and relish life’s most adventurous moments.


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