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May 19, 2020    |    

Make Your Own Pam

Panerai Opens its First Worldwide Accessories Room in HK

In 2010 Italian luxury watchmaker Panerai opened their Canton Road, HK flagship boutique and became an instant destination for the Paneristi. With a floor area of 202 meters, the unique character of this boutique was highlighted by its façade with its impressive undulating aluminum panels and iconic wall clock with upscaled versions of the dials seen on the various Panerai instruments recognizable worldwide. The boutique has since been welcoming watch aficionados and allowing them to discover the Panerai Universe.

Watch Accessories Room
Watch Accessories Room
Watch Accessories Room
Watch Accessories Room
Watch Accessories Room

A decade on, Panerai has added a new dimension to their Tsim Sha Tsui situated flagship store by making it the location for their first worldwide Watch Accessories Room. Located at the eighth floor of the spacious boutique, the Watch Accessories Room has a wide range of accessories on display including straps and bracelets, a full range of buckles and an interactive strap display. With up to 670 variations available, guests are enjoined to mix and match the accessories to find something they can call their own and personalize their Panerai timepiece into something unique to their personal taste.

The Watch Accessories Room has been furnished to provide a cozy yet elegant space where Panerai owners can explore the aesthetic and functional potential of their watch given the full range of accessory colors and materials that are available while cocooned in a tastefully crafted atmosphere of oak and burnished brass. At the center of the display is a distinctive torpedo-inspired display that pays tribute to the maritime world and intertwining the glorious past of Panerai’s with the Italian Navy.


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