June 22, 2024    |    

120 Years Under the Sea: Oris Unveils a Stealthy Hölstein Edition 2024 Divers Sixty-Five

Celebrating a milestone anniversary with a limited-edition dive watch.

June 1st marks a special day for Oris watch enthusiasts. It’s the anniversary of the company’s founding in 1904, and for the past five years, Oris has commemorated the occasion with a unique Hölstein Edition 2024 timepiece. This year, as Oris reaches its 120th milestone, they’ve pulled out all the stops with a striking, all-black Divers Sixty-Five – a first for the brand.

The Hölstein Edition 2024 is a bold departure from the usual Oris aesthetic. The 40mm stainless steel case, bezel, crown, and even the dial are shrouded in a sleek black diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating. It’s a stealthy and sophisticated look, accentuated by matching black hands, hour markers, dial text, and lume plots. The black rubber strap with a black DLC-plated buckle completes the monochromatic theme.

But the Hölstein Edition 2024 isn’t just about aesthetics. Underneath the stealthy exterior lies the powerful Oris Calibre 400 movement. This innovative engine boasts a five-day power reserve, superior everyday anti-magnetism, and extended 10-year recommended service intervals. Registering your watch unlocks an additional 10-year warranty, ensuring peace of mind for years to come.

This commemorative timepiece is a true collector’s item. Only 250 will be produced, each featuring a unique limited-edition number engraved on the black DLC caseback. The engraving also has a playful twist – the iconic Oris Bear, sporting flowery swim trunks and sunglasses, basking in the summer sun. Water-resistant to 100 meters, the Hölstein Edition 2024 is as ready for a dive as it is for a night out.

Despite the limited quantity, Oris ensures inclusivity. The Hölstein Edition 2024 will be available on a first-come, first-served basis at Oris boutiques, their website, and authorized dealers. This approach allows anyone, not just established collectors, the chance to own a piece of Oris history.

In an interview, Oris Co-CEO Rolf Studer reflects on the significance of the 120th anniversary. He emphasizes the importance of honoring the brand’s heritage while ensuring Oris watches remain relevant in the modern age. The Hölstein Edition 2024 perfectly embodies this philosophy. It celebrates tradition with a fresh, contemporary aesthetic, proving that a mechanical watch can be both stylish and essential.

The playful engraving of the Oris Bear on the caseback further underscores the brand’s commitment to accessibility. “He’s just a warm. A nice guy. He makes you feel at ease,” explains Studer. This sentiment perfectly complements the summery vibe of the Hölstein Edition 2024.

The Hölstein Edition is a cherished tradition for Oris fans. Customer response has been overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the emotional connection these limited-edition pieces foster. Looking ahead, Oris promises to continue delivering exceptional value and innovative timepieces, ensuring their legacy thrives for another 120 years and beyond. So, if you’re looking for a timepiece that celebrates heritage with a touch of summer fun, the Hölstein Edition 2024 might just be your perfect match. But remember, with only 250 available, don’t hesitate – this stealthy diver is sure to make a splash.


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