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OMEGA Takes Flight in Paris: A Dreamlike Tribute to Olympic and Paralympic Spirit

Watchmaker blends athletes with City of Lights landmarks in inspiring new campaign.

The City of Lights is about to transform. This summer, Paris takes center stage as the world gathers to celebrate the pinnacle of sporting achievement – the Olympic and Paralympic Games. To commemorate this momentous occasion, OMEGA, the Official Timekeeper, unveils a captivating advertising campaign that transcends the boundaries of reality. Entitled “A Dream Takes Flight in Paris,” the campaign weaves a dreamlike tapestry, blending iconic Parisian landmarks with the unwavering determination of world-class athletes.

Imagine the Eiffel Tower, no longer a steel giant, but a springboard for pole vaulting champion Mondo Duplantis. Picture the Seine, not a river, but a smooth track for Paralympic swimming legend Marcel Hug. Through a series of print and television commercials, OMEGA masterfully employs scale and optical illusion, seamlessly integrating these exceptional athletes with their surroundings. The effect is nothing short of mesmerizing, a visual testament to the boundless potential that resides within every competitor.

But the magic doesn’t stop there. The campaign features a stellar cast of twelve athletes, all OMEGA ambassadors. Hailing from a dynamic range of countries, sports, and abilities, these champions embody the very essence of the Games – inclusivity, excellence, and the relentless pursuit of victory.

Ma Long
Céline Boutier
Simon Ehammer

There’s Mondo Duplantis, the reigning Olympic and world record holder in pole vault, his eyes set on soaring even higher. We see Léon Marchand, the French swimming prodigy and world record breaker, slicing through the water with unwavering focus. The reigning Olympic high jump champion, Gianmarco Tamberi, epitomizes the triumph of human spirit, while Erriyon Knighton, a rising star, embodies the raw power and speed that electrifies the track.

These are just a few of the extraordinary individuals who inspire us. Shericka Jackson, the current fastest woman alive over 200m, is a force to be reckoned with. Ma Long, the five-time Olympic champion in table tennis, demonstrates the pinnacle of precision and focus. Paralympic champions like Marcel Hug and Bebe Vio, the double Paralympic fencing champion, showcase the unwavering human spirit in the face of adversity.

Simon Ehammer, the Swiss multi-discipline athlete, Peter Burling and Blair Tuke, the gold-medal winning New Zealand sailing team, Bouldering world champion Mickaël Mawem, and French golfing Major winner Céline Boutier round out this incredible roster. Each athlete, a testament to the human capacity for greatness, a beacon of inspiration for aspiring champions around the world.

Léon Marchand
Simon Ehammer

The soundtrack for this dreamlike campaign is no less inspiring. Titled “Born to be a Legend,” the song is a bespoke creation by French rapper SDM. His original lyrics capture the essence of the Games – the struggles, the sacrifices, and the unwavering pursuit of gold.

Production for the campaign involved filming the iconic Parisian landmarks on location. The athletes, however, were filmed against green screens in various locations around the globe. Through the use of specialized cameras mounted on robotic arms, the creators meticulously merged the athletes’ movements with the Parisian backdrop, resulting in a visually stunning and emotionally charged experience.

This campaign is more than just advertising; it’s a tribute. OMEGA’s unwavering dedication to the Olympic and Paralympic Games is a legacy that spans over 90 years. Since 1932, the brand has played the vital role of Official Timekeeper for a remarkable 30 Olympic Games. Additionally, OMEGA has been the Official Timekeeper for every Paralympic Games since 1992. This commitment to precision timing is an integral part of OMEGA’s DNA, solidifying its unique position within the world of watchmaking.

Bebe Vio
Léon Marchand

As the world prepares to witness the pinnacle of sporting achievement unfold in Paris, OMEGA’s “A Dream Takes Flight” campaign serves as a powerful reminder. It’s a celebration of human potential, the unwavering determination to overcome obstacles, and the relentless pursuit of sporting glory. It’s a testament to the spirit that binds us all, a spirit that soars above limitations and takes flight in the City of Lights.

Watch the OMEGA Olympic Games Campaign:


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