July 5, 2024    |    

A Timeless Legacy: King Seiko Revives a Vintage Dress Watch

The new King Seiko series draws inspiration from a 1969 classic, offering a modern take on a beloved design.

King Seiko, a brand known for its marriage of elegance and precision, has unveiled a new series of dress watches that draws inspiration from a beloved 1969 design. This exciting addition to the King Seiko collection celebrates the brand’s heritage while offering a contemporary twist for the modern watch enthusiast.

Following the success of the KSK series, which introduced a variety of case shapes and designs during the late 1960s and 1970s, King Seiko delves back into its rich history. The new series takes its cues from the iconic King Seiko 45KCM, a watch renowned for its gracefully curved silhouette. This signature element forms the foundation of the new design, reimagined for a modern audience.

The original watch from 1969, on which the new series’ design is based.

The new King Seiko series embodies a perfect blend of timeless design and contemporary innovation. The cases maintain the captivating curves of the 1969 inspiration but with a modern interpretation. A highlight of the series is the new multi-row bracelet. This bracelet features a combination of mirror-polishing and brushed finishing, creating a subtle sparkle that dances in the light. The shorter links and the slim profile of the case ensure a comfortable fit and a low center of gravity for exceptional wearability. Seiko’s expertise in watchmaking comes to the fore with the inclusion of the Caliber 6L35, a svelte movement that contributes to the watch’s impressive 9.9mm thickness.

The multi-faceted index at twelve o’clock is designed with a pattern that evokes the feather fletching of an arrow, a familiar feature of traditional Japanese archery.
The box-shaped sapphire glass and mirror-polished case achieve an elegant glow.

The dial options in this new series offer a captivating range, catering to diverse tastes. The silver dial features a textured pattern, reminiscent of the modern cityscape of Tokyo, the birthplace of King Seiko in 1961. For those who appreciate a touch of history, the purple dial takes its inspiration from “Edo purple,” a revered color cherished during Japan’s Edo period. Finally, the green dial boasts a captivating gradation, symbolizing the enduring natural beauty that graces Tokyo’s landscape.

The texture of the purple and green dials evokes traditional washi paper, which has been an essential part of Japanese art and culture for centuries.
The light blue-green dial with a textured pattern evokes a rising dragon, a Japanese symbol of prosperity.

Watch enthusiasts can now find the new King Seiko dress watch series at Seiko Boutiques and select retailers worldwide. These exquisite timepieces offer a unique blend of heritage and modern design, making them a compelling proposition for those seeking a sophisticated addition to their collection.


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