Brian M. Afuang

Montblanc x Pirelli = High-Performance Trollies

This is how you roll

IT APPEARS Pirelli footwear is as suitable on Formula 1 racetracks as it is for rolling over the marbled floors of hotel lobbies (or the hardy tiles leading to airport lounges) — the new trolley collection born out of the Montblanc x Pirelli collab job declares this.     

The product which came out of Montblanc’s and Pirelli’s efforts started out as a Montblanc MY4810 trolley, a four-wheel carry-on cabin luggage with a lightweight shell made of polycarbonate and which is adorned with leather trim. It measures 38 centimeters wide, 55 centimeters tall and 25 centimeters thick, with an interior roomy enough to swallow 37 liters worth of stuff.

Montblanc x Pirelli
Montblanc x Pirelli

The Montblanc x Pirelli jobbie is rendered in blue polycarbonate accented by black rubberized leather trim — hinting at Pirelli produce. Decidedly more overt are the yellow Pirelli markings, as seen on high-performance Pirelli P Zero tires, on the carry-on’s wheels. These wheels rotate 360 degrees freely, thanks to their ball-bearing hubs, and so promise to never squeak. A large Montblanc logo spans the bottom of the case. A multi-stop precision handlebar marked by signature P Zero tread pattern embossed on yellow and black luggage tags and on the trolley’s leather trimming complete the package.

Two versions of the Montblanc x Pirelli luggage are available; one has an external pocket. Only 5,000 pieces (combined) are made.

Montblanc x Pirelli
Montblanc x Pirelli
Montblanc x Pirelli
Montblanc x Pirelli
Montblanc x Pirelli
Montblanc x Pirelli

Montblanc says it shares Pirelli’s passion for innovation, performance and design, and that their co-branded product was inspired by the spirit of travel exploration. The brands also boosted their affinity with high performance as they launched their trolley at the Chinese Formula 1 Grand Prix.

“There are only a few companies that continue to innovate with the same spirit and passion as Pirelli, continuously contributing new technology and equipment to the world of highperformance racing but also to luxury motoring experience,” says Montblanc CEO Nicolas Baretzki. “We have paired this unrelenting spirit with Montblanc’s own spirit of exploration to create travel companions that would offer the best durability, reliability and enhanced mobility for today’s traveler, but with a stylish Pirelli twist to complement the Montblanc design.”

This isn’t merely luggage. It’s modish mobility.


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