Katherine S. Cunanan

Modernization of a Favorite

An innovation for functionality

Singer Reimagined gives us innovation and then some. Tool watches are everyman’s timepiece of choice – they function for practicality and serve a purpose. They typically focus on straightforward timekeeping. But Singer Reimagined has decided we need a little more than basic.

They go beyond the basic tool watch with the Singer Reimagined Flytrack Concept Watch. Just as with their first offering, Singer Reimagined gives us highly-practical timing functions partnered with clear readability.

Geneva is the place to be this week for the watchmaking world, and among the sights to see is the Flytrack Concept Watch. The watch stays true to the brand’s identity of an innovation lab committed to reimagining and reinventing horological functions in a user-friendly way. After all, user-friendly is where it is at. All the functions in the world mean nothing unless you can actually work your way through them and use them.

The Singer Reimagined Flytrack Concept Watch has a unique flyback seconds feature which allows for the consecutive measurement of short lap times. Simply said, it makes it easier to track things like lap times, average speed, or acceleration time on a race track. Typical chronographs need a series of three pushes to stop the timing, re-set, then re-start the chronograph process. Not so with this Singer Reimagined timepiece. Once the push-piece is released, the timing (or retiming) starts – just one push sets the gears in motion. It may seem like a minimal difference – one push instead of three. But that improvement can save you time (no pun intended).

The Flytrack Concept Watch is aimed at enhanced performance, functionality, and legibility. The central display of minutes and seconds combined with the hours along the periphery give you a clean dial. The striking orange color of the second hand means increased visibility. The watch also features a completely new movement, and for a bit of whimsy, there is the heart-shaped cam bringing the second hand back to zero when needed.

The Flytrack Concept Watch maintains the style aesthetic established by the brand with their Track1. The clean dynamic lines form the barrel-shaped case; thanks to the titanium, the 43mm case seems lighter than expected. The oh-so-important push piece at 2 o’clock is slightly domed making it easier to use even while driving (in case your navigator is busy). The crown receives the ergonomic treatment too, as it is integrated into the case band at 4 o’clock.

The Singer Reimagined Flytrack Concept Watch is ready to be discovered in Geneva until January 17th.  Catch a glimpse of it while you can because it won’t make it to market until later this year.


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