Maurice Lacroix AIKON #TIDE FIBA3X3: Revolutionizing the Game!

Maurice Lacroix proudly introduces three special edition watches that combine the exceptional features of the recently launched AIKON #tide with the thrilling world of 3×3 basketball, a globally adored format. With the same remarkable qualities as other AIKON timepieces, these new watches are set to revolutionize the game, both on and off the court.

When Maurice Lacroix unveiled the groundbreaking AIKON #tide watch, it garnered immense attention. Now, these FIBA 3×3 special editions join the AIKON family, crafted from a unique composite material made of upcycled plastic from the ocean, an undisclosed formula, and glass fiber. This innovative material is twice as durable as regular plastic, five times more resistant, and boasts a significantly reduced carbon footprint compared to virgin PET production. The bezel, case, case back, crown, end-piece, and buckle are all constructed from this composite material, making each watch a sustainable masterpiece. By utilizing 17 ocean-bound plastic bottles, Maurice Lacroix creates a single watch while simultaneously removing 17 bottles from polluting our seas.

With the introduction of the AIKON #tide, Maurice Lacroix brings together its groundbreaking timepiece with the fast-paced world of 3×3 basketball. The Swiss watch brand has a strong connection to urban life, serving as the “Official Timekeeper of the FIBA 3×3 World Tour,” a thrilling competition played in vibrant city settings worldwide. Originating on the streets, 3×3 has now become an Olympic discipline, captivating millions of fans across 100 countries through global broadcasts.

In this electrifying world, where connected fans thrive on social media, the action never stops. The court becomes a high-energy arena where players exhibit remarkable agility. With split-second decisions determining victory, concentration is crucial, and fatigue means defeat. The AIKON #tide FIBA3x3 special edition captures this energy perfectly. Encased in a 40mm case, this basketball-inspired timepiece features a flat sapphire crystal for enhanced readability, while its quartz movement ensures precise timing in a game where every second counts.

These two models, tailor-made for court enthusiasts, are available with black or white dials and are accompanied by coordinating straps. Elaborate motifs on the dials incorporate the ‘3×3’ logo, mirroring the design found on the embossed case back.

Initially, the AIKON #tide models were unveiled with vibrant dial colors and funky straps. Now, Maurice Lacroix presents another eye-catching creation inspired by the official Wilson ball of the FIBA 3×3 World Tour. This striking new model features vibrant blue, orange, and yellow hues, exuding an energetic vibe. The dial proudly displays the FIBA 3×3 logo, which is also repeated on the case back.

Aligned with the brand’s commitment to environmental consciousness, the AIKON #tide FIBA3x3 special edition is presented in minimal packaging, offering a color-coordinated reusable mug.

Maurice Lacroix has once again expanded its offerings for Gen Z with its latest collaboration with the FIBA 3×3 World Tour. These new timepieces, like all Maurice Lacroix models, provide exceptional value. The partnership with the FIBA 3×3 World Tour was a natural choice for Maurice Lacroix, as the sport embodies an urban, accessible, and success-driven ethos. Regardless of which special edition watch you choose, wearing it not only showcases your style on and off the court but also contributes to cleaner oceans. It’s clear that the Maurice Lacroix AIKON #tide FIBA3x3 is a true game changer!


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