Katherine S. Cunanan

Coming Home: Lucky Ducks and the Rolls-Royce Cullinan

Sibling ducks find a new home in the Rolls-Royce acreage.

A family of seven now-adult ducks has been released to the Rolls-Royce Motor Cars site in Goodwood, Sussex. On it’s own, this makes for a feel-good story, but it gets better. Like any good story, this one has a hero and teams, new friends, and a ride in a luxury SUV too.

The hero in this story is James Caffrey, an eagle-eyed (pun intended) and soft-hearted security guard who spotted these seven ducklings wandering in the on-site car park. James observed them from a distance, hoping their mother would be back to fetch them. Alas, the mother did not return and James knew he had to step in.

Enter James’ first team of collaborators, the caring staff of the Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital. He knew he needed experts to care for this brood of ducks, and the folks at Brent Lodge were eager for the task. As Emma Ashcroft from Brent Lodge explains, “Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital works tirelessly to care for sick, injured and orphaned wildlife. We take in over 3,500 animals and birds every year with the aim to treat, care for, rehabilitate and release them back into the wild where they belong. The lovely team at Rolls-Royce recently brought us seven tiny mallard ducklings (approximately 48 hours old) after they were found alone with no mum in sight. After seeking our advice and monitoring the situation for a period of time, the decision was made that they would be safer here at Brent Lodge.”

We also learn that this band of seven ducklings made friends while at the wildlife hospital. Another eight ducks were also rescued and being cared for by the staff at Brent Lodge. The combined flock of 15 ducks must have been a handful for the staff, but all good stories have the coming together of great minds, and in this case, of cute ducks.

The ducklings grew into ducks, and were due to be released back into the wild. Here comes the journey part of these mighty ducks’ story. Ducks as precious as these mallards deserved a special trip. Enter the next team of collaborators in the story, the team of Rolls-Royce. They had the means to guarantee a safe and comfortable trip, courtesy of their super-luxury SUV Cullinan. The 560-litre luggage capacity proved to be perfect for this flock of ducks as they made their way from the hospital that raised them to the land that they would call home.


More than a luxurious trip, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars brought these ducks home. Here is the warm feels part of the story. From wandering in a car park, to being rescued and raised in a wildlife hospital, to meeting friends for life, and then being brought back close to where they were found. It’s a full circle story for these little feathered friends.

And what a home they have. Rolls-Royce Motor Cars opened the doors of its 42-acre site in West Sussex to welcome back the seven ducks and their eight duck friends. They were released on the lakes that are part of the manufacturing plant’s sustainable cooling system. As Andrew Ball, Head of Corporate Relations, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, says, “As a company, we are very conscious that it is a privilege to share our 42-acre site with a wealth of wildlife. We go to great lengths to provide safe habitats for plants, birds and animals; but occasionally, we’re given the chance to do something direct, practical and genuinely lifesaving. This story has touched the hearts of people across our business, and we’re delighted that it’s ended so happily. We’re immensely grateful to the wonderful team at Brent Lodge for their care and skill; and congratulations to James Caffrey and the security team, whose sharp eyes, quick thinking and compassion made rescuing these ducklings possible.”

Thanks to James, the staff at Brent Lodge, and people of Rolls-Royce, this duckling story has a wonderful happy ending.


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