Katherine S. Cunanan
June 25, 2020    |    

Lovely Lukia from the Glorious Ginza

The Seiko Lukia released a new collection, and the good news is these lovely Lukias will now be available outside of Asia.

The Ginza in Tokyo has always captivated people’s interested. The area bustles with life and activity. The shops are full of new and exciting things, and the whole atmosphere is energizing and glorious. For the watchheads, the Ginza is also a special destination: Seiko was established in Ginza in 1881 and the Seiko clock is a well-known Ginza landmark.

Among the many watches that Seiko releases, there is one that was only ever released in Asia, the Seiko Lukia. First released in 1995, it was a fast favorite of the ladies, thanks to its refined look and gentle colors. And truth be told, the Seiko Lukia was on many a wish list for watch lovers headed to Tokyo, specifically because the Lukia was only sold in Asia. Take note, was.


Perhaps Seiko heard all the clamor for the delightful watch and now our wishes have been granted. The Seiko Lukia will be available outside of Asia. The collection has six watches, each offering a different nod to the Japanese culture. The cases are in stainless steel, with a couple having either yellow gold color or rose gold color plating. Each dial has a mother-of-pearl base with a flower motif and eight diamond hour markers. The 4, 8, and 12 are marked with elegant Roman numerals; the symmetrical design adds to the refined look of the whole dial. The date window is at the 3 o’clock. The Seiko Lukia series is powered by the automatic caliber, 6R35, and has a 70 hour power reserve. The watch has an interchangeable crocodile leather strap, typically in a color matching the dial. The watch is water resistant to 10 bar, and each one is just beautiful.


The Seiko Lukia Gofun model (SPB133) pays homage to the traditional Kabuki theater art. The white palette resembles the Kabuki makeup made from powdered seashells.


The Kurenai model (SPB135) is pure passion and confidence in brilliant red. Those who typically choose a more sedate color would be wise to pick this showstopper.


The Ruri model (SPB137) is a deep blue, like the Japan evening sky. The flower motif is more evident on this dial.


The Ao-shiro-tsurubami model (SPB138) is a gentle cream color, said to be the color of the Ginza’s cobblestone streets. The case is stainless steel with yellow gold color plating that complements the cream dial.


The Sakura model (SPB140) is a delicate pink, the color of cherry blossoms. The ethereal beauty is a fitting nod to Japan’s most famous flower. The stainless steel case has rose gold color plating to continue with the gentle pink palette.

These five Seiko Lukia models are each perfect nod to Japan’s culture. And they will whet your watch appetite as we wait for the sixth model in the collection, which will be available in September: the Tsukishiro.


The Seiko Lukia Tsukishiro (SPB141) is meant to commemorate the arrival of the Seiko Lukia on the international stage. The Tsukishiro dial is a combination of white and blue, resembling the Ginza skyline at dusk. This model is slightly larger than the others and has 55 diamonds on the bezel. The strap undergoes special two-stage dyeing treatment to achieve the two-color look.

The Seiko Lukia collection has always been a favorite and now it will be easier to find. Head to a Seiko Boutique to pick your favorite, and head back in September for the special edition.


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