Living and Loving the Highlife

Frederique Constant brings us the Highlife in their ladies watches, with options to keep us interested.

Frederique Constant introduced the very first Highlife watches more than two decades ago in 1999, and then revived the iconic design in 2020. The modern curves seems suited to the 21st century and this year Frederique Constant has added the women’s collection to the line.

Highlife Ladies Automatic

The Highlife Ladies Automatic collection may seem simple, but the simplicity belies the strength and design in these watches. There are three designs to choose from and picking a favorite might be a bit of a challenge: the Highlife Ladies Automatic Sparkling, Highlife Ladies Automatic Heart Beat, and Highlife Ladies Automatic. There are common threads that tie these watches together. The 34mm watch has delicate feminine details that appeal to the ladies. It’s a nice combination of daintiness and depth of color that combine quite well.

Each timepiece has the Highlife’s hallmark strap, which is both complicated and easy. Complicated to explain but easy to use. The strap is actually built into the case, giving the timepiece a modern look, but it can also be changed easily, without the need for a watch technician or special tools. The secret is in the first link – it makes switching out the strap easy and simple. And changing the strap can change not just the look of the watch but also change the mood or vibe the lady is feeling that day. In an instant you could have a new strap and new vibe. There are three designs in this collection that we cannot wait to delve into.

Highlife Ladies Automatic

Promise the stars but deliver the galaxy. The Highlife Ladies Automatic Sparkling is the perfect watch for this, because the dial is exquisite in the cosmic blue color. The speckling on the dial represents the stars, and the eight diamond hour markers and diamonds on the bezel just add to the dazzle. This watch comes with a steel strap and a white rubber strap. The combination of steel, diamonds, and rubber is modern and energetic, making this the perfect choice for ladies who are active, impulsive, and live for the moment.

Highlife Ladies Automatic
Highlife Ladies Automatic

The Ladies Highlife Automatic watch is modern and a touch more sporty with the bracelet as a strap. There are different versions here though, and you can choose to swap out the bracelet for the rubber strap. The all-steel model with the black dial and khaki strap is definitely modern and youthful. If you prefer a more glam version, then you could choose the rose gold plated model with the pink rubber strap, still with a diamond set bezel. The third option is the beautiful grey model with a subdued luminous dial and the sky blue rubber strap. Each model has a globe engraved on the dial, which add a bit of depth to the look.

Highlife Ladies Automatic

The Highlife Ladies Automatic Heart Beat puts the heart on your dial instead of your sleeve. The watch’s ‘heart’ – the mechanical movement – is given prime real estate at the 12 o’clock. Even those who might not understand the workings of a mechanical watch will still appreciate the beauty in the mechanism. The dial also has the globe engraving, just like the Highlife Ladies Automatic. The Highlife Ladies Automatic Heart Beat has two models to choose from – all-steel or rose gold-plated steel (with the rose gold-plated bezel and crown). The all-steel watch has the additional sky blue rubber strap while the two-tone watch has the additional pink rubber strap.

Living the High Life
Frederique Constant’s Highlife Ladies Automatic watches are just the timepiece for the lady of today. Each one has features that would call to you, all you need to do is choose one and enjoy your high life.


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