July 9, 2024    |    

From Radio Waves to Wristwatch Marvel: Hautlence Unveils the Retrovision 47

A Limited-Edition Timepiece Celebrating 20 Years of Horological Ingenuity

Hautlence’s 20th anniversary takes a fantastical turn with the introduction of the Retrovision 47, a limited-edition series inspired by an unexpected muse: a bygone era of radio technology.

Originally unveiled as a concept piece at Watches & Wonders 2024, the Retrovision 47 garnered immense interest for its audacious design and unique blend of vintage charm with modern watchmaking prowess. This overwhelming positive response solidified Hautlence’s decision to bring this conversation starter to life as a ten-piece limited series.

The inspiration for the Retrovision 47 stems from a thought experiment: what if Hautlence existed in the 1940s? Instead of their signature television-inspired cases, they envisioned a timepiece that mirrored the design sensibilities of that era. Their source of inspiration? The General Television & Radio Corp. Chicago’s Model 5A5 radio broadcast receiver.

The Model 5A5’s distinctive form, with its segmented speaker and dial layout, laid the groundwork for the overall design language of early televisions. Hautlence translates this design ethos into a wristwatch masterpiece.

The Retrovision 47 features a hand-crafted, hand-painted titanium case that captures the marbled green and white Bakelite aesthetic of the Model 5A5. This cuboid form softens with rounded corners, and the lugs are reimagined as stylized carrying handles made from titanium. A red leather strap completes the vintage look, transporting the wearer to an alternate timeline in Hautlence’s history.

While the Retrovision 47 embraces a vintage aesthetic, its heart is resolutely modern. The watch features a classic hour and minute dial with central hands. A smaller offset dial on the right, reminiscent of the radio’s frequency selector, displays red hands against a brass and 2N gold plate adorned with the Hautlence Möbius emblem. Adding a touch of horological magic, the left side of the case features a “speaker” grill that offers a glimpse of the mesmerizing 60-second flying tourbillon within.

The case back mirrors the Model 5A5, with an engraved plate showcasing the Hautlence name and series number. A round sapphire display window reveals the D20 automatic caliber, boasting a 72-hour power reserve.

Whimsical, evocative, and undeniably unique, the Retrovision 47 is more than just a commemorative timepiece. It’s a testament to Hautlence’s boundless creativity, their ability to marry heritage with innovation, and their unwavering commitment to crafting kinetic, wearable art.


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