Rocking Time With Hamilton’s Ventura Collection Celebrates Elvis Presley’s Iconic Hit

A tribute to the King of Rock and Roll's love for the pioneering electric watch.

Hamilton pays homage to the King of Rock and Roll with the Ventura Collection, a contemporary take on the world’s first electric watch. Inspired by Elvis Presley’s iconic hit “Blue Suede Shoes,” this collection unveils six new models, each a testament to the Mid-Century Modern design that defined an era.

Hamilton revolutionized watchmaking in 1957 when he introduced the Ventura, the world’s first electric timepiece. The futuristic design became linked with innovation, attracting the attention of trailblazers who dared to be unconventional. Elvis Presley was one such fan, having embraced the Ventura since its beginnings, building a personal collection and even including it in his musical “Blue Hawaii.”

The Ventura Collection draws inspiration from Presley’s chart-topping single, mirroring the impact the artist had on music. The six new models showcase a gradient blue dial, accentuating the distinctive triangular case’s sweeping lines. It’s a nod to the Mid-Century Modern design that parallels the groundbreaking influence of “Blue Suede Shoes.”

Each timepiece in the collection boasts nickeled hour, minute, and second hands powered by a reliable 3-jewel quartz movement. The iconic case is available in either stainless steel or PVD-coated yellow gold, offering enthusiasts the choice to embrace timeless elegance or a touch of vintage flair. The matching stainless steel or PVD-coated yellow gold flex bracelets seamlessly integrate with the case, while the Blue Alcantara strap options pay homage to Presley’s famous footwear.

For those seeking added functionality, the collection introduces two models of the Ventura Chronograph Quartz. Powered by a precise 23-jewel quartz movement, the gradient blue dial features three subdials measuring seconds, minutes, and hours. Exclusively housed in a stainless-steel case, the Ventura Chronograph Quartz can be paired with either a matching stainless steel flex bracelet or a Blue Alcantara strap.

Hamilton’s Ventura Collection is more than a tribute; it’s a fusion of timeless design and musical legacy. Embrace the spirit of Elvis Presley’s style with these electric watches, a contemporary celebration of “Blue Suede Shoes” that resonates with the groundbreaking essence of the original Ventura.


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