Katherine S. Cunanan

Beauty Through a Journey

Grand Seiko is celebrating a big one, their 60th, and they have created four watches to mark the moment.

Grand Seiko began its journey sixty years ago, driven by the artisan’s heart to create something simple in form yet elegant in nature. The luxury of each Grand Seiko timepiece is evident without being overt, and many a watch enthusiast has a Grand Seiko on their must-haves bucket list.

Heritage Collection

44GS modern design model powered by Spring Drive
A high-precision hi-beat 36000 with refined design
Larger case with Grand Seiko’s heritage design, powered by a quartz movement

Elegance Collection

Spring Drive "Snowflake blue" dial model
Classical styled Spring Drive watch
A classic and elegant mechanical GMT

Grand Seiko has three collections, each one embodying the premium craftsmanship the brand is known for.  The Heritage Collection watches are classically designed but utilize the most modern movements and techniques. The Elegance Collection watches are perfect for everyday use but also have such refinement that they would not be out of place as a special occasion piece. The Sports Collection watches are meant for those who live a more active and adventurous lifestyle.

Grand Seiko has numerous avid and loyal enthusiasts across the globe, and to pique their interest just a little more, Grand Seiko launched the Grand Seiko Snowflake. The watch is luxury timepiece featuring a dial surface that resembles windblown snow. Created in the Grand Seiko Shinshu Watch Studio in Japan, this watch features ethereal beauty along with the precision movement.

Sports Collection

A Spring Drive Powered Diver's Watch
A chronograph with the reliability of Spring Drive
A Spring Drive model with a sharp, crisp impression combining ceramic and high-intensity titanium


Grand Seiko craftsman Takuya Nishinaka joined Seiko Epson more than a decade ago. He has spent the time since then involved in various aspects of watch production — from the GS Movement & Case Assembly in the “Takumi” Studio, to the Movement Automatic Assembly Production Team. It has been time well spent, as evidenced by the awards and certificates he has won for his craftsmanship. The Gold Medal on Japan Technical Skill Olympic in watch repairing section in 2012 and the 1st Level National Certificate of Skilled Watch Craftsman are just a couple of his watch-related accolades. Mr. Nishinaka now focuses his time on training the young generation of craftsmen, inspiring them to hone their skills and to grow in expertise.

Seiko’s long time business partner, President Karl Dy, is happy to make the brand more accessible to Filipino horologists who have previously had to search for their grail watches overseas. “We know how big the watch collector community has grown in the Philippines, with many enthusiasts going for luxury brands that have a long, proud heritage such as that of the Grand Seiko. We are proud to bring in the Grand Seiko concept store to the country, especially with the expertise that has been shared with us by Craftsman Nishinaka, to demonstrate the technology that goes inside each timepiece. Aside from the Snowflake, we are planning to bring in more styles in the future for our collections from the proud 60-year history of the brand.”


A Leap in Time

There is an adage that says, “If it ain’t broke, why fix it?” Some might agree, but other might say, because you can.

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The newly launched model iconic Happy Sport, and Alpine Eagle

Homage to the Crown

Seiko created the Crown Chronograph in 1964, Japan’s first wristwatch with a stopwatch function.

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