A Spring Drive Masterpiece Is Inspired By A Magnificent Winter Landscape Of A White Birch Forest That Has Been Intricately Engraved

Grand Seiko has unveiled a new limited edition watch, crafted by hand at the Micro Artist Studio, featuring a fully engraved case and a manual-winding Spring Drive movement. The latest masterpiece, limited to 50 pieces, draws inspiration from the white birch forest in Shinshu during winter.

Spring Drive

The watch’s Platinum 950 case and silver-colored dial, both fully engraved by skilled craftsmen and women, reflect the natural beauty of the forest. Each case is polished to a mirror surface using the Zaratsu method, followed by hand engraving with long individual grooves to create a birch tree pattern that seamlessly matches the pattern on the dial.

Spring Drive

The hour and minute hands, along with the diamond-cut markers, are crafted from 14k white gold, providing a sharp and brilliant finish. The watch features the celebrated Shinshu white birch pattern with a slightly different tone and a more metallic texture. The seconds hand is tempered to a harmonious shade of grey, reflecting the natural flow of time as it glides smoothly across the textured dial.

Spring Drive

The manual-winding Spring Drive Caliber 9R02, accurate to one second per day, powers the watch and features an outstanding 84-hour power reserve. The movement is hand-assembled and exemplifies the understated refinement and quality of Grand Seiko watchmaking. The barrel of the movement is decorated with the bellflower, the symbol of Shiojiri, and the two hand-finished bridges have high-polished edges that serve as a dramatic counterpoint to their fine hairline finishing.

Spring Drive

This limited edition watch is the third fully engraved masterpiece powered by a manual-winding Spring Drive movement and will be available exclusively at Grand Seiko Boutiques in June 2023. An 18k gold plaque on the lower bridge is engraved with the words “Micro Artist,” but can be customized upon request.


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