Grand Seiko Has Unveiled A New Masterpiece In Jewelry Design That Draws Inspiration From The Majestic White Lion

Grand Seiko has been synonymous with the image of a lion since the first Grand Seiko was launched in 1960, featuring a gold medallion with a lion on the case back. At the Watches and Wonders Geneva 2022 event, Grand Seiko unveiled a Spring Drive jewelry watch inspired by the white lion, and now they have introduced another Spring Drive masterpiece that embodies the strength and power of the lion, but with blue sapphires in honor of Grand Seiko’s signature color.

Grand Seiko

This magnificent creation showcases the precision of Spring Drive, the high legibility of carefully placed gems, and the exquisite artistry and craftsmanship that Grand Seiko is known for. The strong and angular lugs of the watch are reminiscent of the power of the lion. The upper surfaces of the case are embedded with no less than 112 diamonds, while the bezel is adorned with 60 baguette-cut diamonds, all set with such precision that they appear as a single, flat surface. The seconds hand is colored in a perfect shade of grey to match the overall tone, and a brilliant-cut blue sapphire is set into the crown.

Grand Seiko

The dial is surrounded by hour and minute markers made of blue sapphires and baguette diamonds, which are carefully tapered and set by hand between pairs of 18k white gold rails by the skilled craftsmen and women at the Shinshu Watch Studio, located in Nagano prefecture. The center of the dial is made of mother-of-pearl, which provides a tranquil space, and is surrounded by 48 additional diamonds and 12 blue sapphires to enhance the beauty and depth of the dial.

Grand Seiko

This watch is powered by the Spring Drive Caliber 9R01, which was created by the elite team of watchmakers at the Micro Artist Studio, also located in the Shiojiri facility in Nagano prefecture. Caliber 9R01 has a power reserve of 192 hours and is accurate to ±10 seconds per month thanks to its three barrels arranged in sequence.

Grand Seiko

This jewelry masterpiece is limited to only eight pieces and will be available exclusively at select Grand Seiko Boutiques in June 2023. It is truly a showcase of the ideals of Grand Seiko, combining precision, legibility, and artistry in an exquisite timepiece.


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