Grand Seiko to be exhibited for the first time at Milan Design Week 2018, the world’s premier design event

Seiko Watch Corporation (Chairman & CEO: Shinji Hattori, headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan) is pleased to announce that it will present its luxury watch brand Grand Seiko for the first time at Milan Design Week 2018, one of the world’s largest design exhibitions, to be held from April 17 to 22, 2018, in Milan, Italy.

Since its birth in 1960, Grand Seiko has achieved the highest level of precision, beauty and legibility through constant innovation, embodying the true essentials of watchmaking. When it made its global debut in 2010, Grand Seiko won high praise for the durability of its high precision and sophisticated design, made possible by the fact that the company is one of the few fully integrated watch manufacturers in the world. In Spring 2017 Grand Seiko took its next step forward by broadening the appeal of the brand to new design areas and introducing a new color scheme. To symbolize this transformation, its logo is now proudly presented at the twelve o’clock position on the dial.

The exhibition will showcase an installation featuring Grand Seiko’s Spring Drive movement, the company’s unique and innovative mechanism characterized by high precision and a long power reserve.

As the embodiment of Japanese aesthetics and master artisanal techniques, Spring Drive has as its unique signature of the perfect glide motion of the second hand, reflecting the natural and continuous flow of time.

The theme of the exhibition is “THE FLOW OF TIME”. Two Japanese artists have expressed the essence of Spring Drive in an installation that invites the visitor to think about and explore the innovation that Spring Drive represents.

Spring Drive is a technology unique to Seiko that combines the power derived from a mainspring with the high accuracy of a quartz crystal, making it possible to deliver the one-second-a-day precision that no other mechanical watches can achieve. After over 20 years of development, Spring Drive was introduced in 1999 as a revolutionary mechanism characterized by ultimate energy efficiency and the smooth glide motion of the second hand. Since the first Grand Seiko Spring Drive model was released in 2004, the fusion of cutting-edge technology with Japanese master artisanal skills has received international acclaim.