Katherine S. Cunanan

Find Your Passion, Reach for the Star

Zenith brings us the Defy Midnight watch just for the ladies and launches the DreamHers global campaign.

Zenith started 2020 with DreamHers. No, that’s not a typo. It’s the Zenith global campaign highlighting visionary independent women. Women who have pursued their passion and are living their dream. Zenith introduced the first collection exclusively for women, DEFY Midnight. Women are known to defy the odds, and Zenith celebrates them beautifully with their “Time to Reach Your Star” creed.

Four women have been chosen to represent the Zenith DEFY Midnight collection. They are amazing, creative, talented, and passionate. Zenith has created a video for of each of these women and their story. My favorite part of the stories is that each woman found their passion in different ways. And that is true for all of us – there is no cookie-cutter way to find passion, no single way that will work for all of us. But through hard work, circumstance, and dedication, we can find our passion and live our dream.


Airi Hatakeyama
Airi began in rhythmic gymnastics at the age of 6 and spent years improving her talent, competing in both the London and Rio Olympics. She won the bronze in the 2015 World Championship, for team event with ribbons. She previously trained in Russia, and her Russian coach taught her to start each day by throwing the windows open and getting energy from the sun. She carries that same daily practice through to today, as she moved from being an athlete to being a sportscaster. Her dream, which she is living out now, is that the exposure of athlete’s in media will help to get people interested in the sport.


Teresa J. Cuevas
Teresa was an accomplished architect when she began to dabble in the art world. She found that abstract art helped her express herself. When living in Seoul South Korea, she said art came to her, “by chance.” While architecture can also be seen as an art form, it is more rigid and structured. Abstract art perhaps provided her with the freedom that her soul was longing for. She started accepting art projects in addition to her architecture projects but eventually the art projects became bigger and bigger. She needed to let go of one field to fully focus on the other, and she chose art. The dream she is working towards now is two-fold: to inspire and help her generation and to have her own exhibition space that is neutral, peaceful, and inspiring.


Song Jia
Song is one of China’s most accomplished actresses of her generation. She believes that in order to properly bring the character to life, she must mentally connect with the character and understand her, “the love, the hate, everything.” Every profession must have a sense of mission, a goal larger that your own. She sees time as the most powerful and marvelous thing as it waits for no one. A simple glance at her Zenith DEFY Midnight’s second hand can stir her subtle emotions. She believes she and Zenith are moving forward together, as both she and the brand are courageous dreamers.


Precious Adams
Precious discovered her passion for ballet as a child. At the young age of ten, she decided to become a professional ballet dancer, saying, “…I just loved it so much and I knew that if I was good enough and I worked hard enough, there’s nothing that could stop me from doing whatever I wanted to do.” Currently a first artist with the English National Ballet, she believes it quite fortunate that the timing worked out. She is humble though, because timing alone would not have gotten her to where she is now. She has talent, skill, and grace. She has passion within her and knows she can dream a little bigger, push a little harder. She is already achieving part of her dream in that she is making an impact the ballet world.

DEFY Midnight
Zenith offers two DEFY Midnight models to choose from – a blue dial model (03.9200.670/01.MI001), and a black dial model (16.9200.670/02.MI001). Both are 36 mm in diameter, and in stainless steel. Each dial has a gradient design with the starry sky pattern, with the biggest star being the star right above the Zenith name. Powered by the calibre 116, these watches have 27 jewels, a frequency of 28,800 VpH, and 50-hour power reserve. The dial is a beauty, with the starry sky design taking center stage. The date window at the 3 o’clock is discreet enough to serve its purpose without detracting from the aesthetic.


Starry Night
This is where things get extra special. Both DEFY Midnight models are stunning, but the black dial version (16.9200.670/02.MI001) has a diamond-set bezel, giving a little more sparkle. The black dial provides a nice backdrop for the diamond hour markers and bezel.

DEFY Midnight
The Zenith DEFY Midnight watches are classic and beautiful, much like the women who would choose them. Know that the journey to find your passion and live your dream is yours alone – no one can take it from you. And wherever you are on your path – just at the start, or partway through – remember to keep reaching for the Star.


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