March 21, 2023    |    

Doxa Has Introduced The New Sub 200 C-Graph II

Discover the captivating world of underwater caves and caverns! This mesmerizing scenery boasts surreal rock formations, stunning stalactites and stalagmites, and crystal-clear waters with remarkable visibility that extends deep into the distance. The diverse marine life inhabiting these depths is nothing short of fascinating and mysterious, making it a haven for passionate exploration by divers. Equipped with their trusted dive watches, these divers venture deep into the caves to uncover nature’s hidden wonders.


Cave diving is an exhilarating activity, but it comes with inherent risks. It demands not only technical proficiency but also the ability to handle stress, overcome fears, and push oneself to the limit in extreme situations. With narrow passages, violent currents, and limited visibility, situational awareness and time management can be challenging for even the most experienced divers. Negotiating winding gullies can restrict freedom of movement and orientation, and divers must be constantly vigilant of their immediate surroundings to avoid injury from rocks and coral formations.

The darkness within the caves can make it difficult to navigate, as natural light is often nonexistent. Strong currents can further complicate matters, requiring divers to maintain a steady course even in complete darkness. To mitigate these risks, cave divers require specialized equipment, including a powerful primary light, a backplate for their buoyancy vest, markers, guidelines, safety reels, and, most importantly, a reliable and easily readable dive watch.

In fact, the right dive watch is essential for cave diving. Divers can spend up to 9 hours underwater without surfacing, and returning to the surface is not always a straightforward task. It requires planning and navigation, as surfacing may not be possible at any given moment. Time management is critical in terms of depth and air supply, and a reliable dive watch is a crucial tool for ensuring a safe and successful cave diving experience.


In today’s world, it’s common for divers to carry high-tech digital instruments on their dives. However, it’s equally important to have reliable, mechanical, and safe back-up equipment like a SUB watch. DOXA, a renowned brand known for its reliability and unique design, offers a wide range of dive watches that have become a favorite among divers.

Among DOXA’s dive watches, the mechanical chronograph has always held a prominent position, offering true “tool” functionality since the introduction of the first SUB watch in 1967. With its durable and robust design, the SUB is the epitome of a reliable dive watch that can withstand the rigors of underwater exploration. Whether exploring underwater caves or admiring marine life in the open ocean, a DOXA SUB watch is an essential companion for any diver.


The SUB 200 C-GRAPH II is designed to serve as a reliable tool watch for high-risk dives, offering exceptional functionality and features. With a contemporary diameter of 42mm and a slimmed-down thickness of 15.85mm, it boasts the same capabilities as its larger 45mm sibling that was introduced in 2020. Constructed from top-quality 316L stainless steel, the SUB 200 C-GRAPH II is both durable and stylish.

Powered by a mechanical automatic chronograph (28,800 vph, 4.0 Hz, 27 jewels), the watch features a Tri-Compax model with three counters that help divers keep track of their dive times. The unidirectional rotating steel bezel features a minute indication highlighted in white Super-Luminova™, ensuring visibility even in low light conditions. With its robust design, reliable movement, and advanced features, the SUB 200 C-GRAPH II is the ideal companion for any diver looking to explore the depths of the ocean.


The dial of the SUB 200 C-GRAPH II is protected by a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective treatment. The dial features a new sunburst finish that is reminiscent of the collection’s vintage spirit, adding a touch of elegance to the watch’s overall design. The sunburst finish is created using metal filament brushes, resulting in a unique and subtle radiance that enhances each of the six available dial colors.

The SUB 200 C-GRAPH II has a slightly lighter weight and a revised bracelet integration, with the option of the iconic stainless-steel ‘beads of rice’ bracelet or a softer and more supple FKM rubber strap. With a 20 ATM (200 meters or approx. 650 feet) water-resistance rating and a power reserve of up to 56 hours, this watch is the perfect companion for divers seeking a reliable and high-performance timepiece for their extreme underwater adventures. And with its sporty-chic look, it also works well in urban environments, remaining elegant and contemporary. Overall, the SUB 200 C-GRAPH II is an indispensable tool watch for divers who demand the best.

The SUB 200 C-GRAPH II model is set to be available for purchase from April 2023 at all DOXA Watches points of sale and on the official DOXA Watches e-commerce platform. Customers interested in the watch can purchase it as soon as it becomes available.



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