Chase Your Watch

4 Cities. 4 Boxes. 4 Hunts. 4 Winners and 1 Final Challenge

Sharpen your minds, flex your thumbs and rise to the challenge of a brand new, exclusive experience. Maurice Lacroix launches #CHASEYOURWATCH, a world-wide treasure hunt, spread over 3 continents and 4 cities. The final stage of this massive, online and real-world game will take place during Baselworld 2018. The goal? To locate a mystery black and yellow box. The contents? The mate-rial needed to reach Basel and access the final, most challenging phase of #CHASEYOURWATCH. The prize? The very first unit of a major Maurice Lacroix 2018 launch, the AIKON Automatic Chronograph Limited Edition.

Announced during the SIHH Geneva watch fair by means of a black and yel-low shipping container, Maurice Lacroix has launched a worldwide, open-to-all, interactive treasure hunt. #CHASEYOURWATCH is a unique, unheard-of campaign. It will take place in 4 major cities, which will be individually an-nounced only a few days prior to the beginning of this large-scale competition.

4 boxes to be found
In each city, a series of four clues will be revealed through the Maurice Lacroix Facebook and Instagram pages, thus engaging thrill-seekers from all walks of life. Solving the mystery will lead them to a secret location, where they’ll come upon a black & yellow box. Inside each box are a plane ticket and a stay in the town of Basel, during the 2018 Baselworld watch fair. At this international gathering, all four winners of the preliminary events will participate in the final step of the #CHASEYOURWATCH experience. An ultimate round of mystery, clues and puzzle awaits these fine detective minds.

The final game
Maurice Lacroix embraces a simple fact of today. Everyone is a gamer. So the final challenge of #CHASEYOURWATCH is an escape room. On March 22nd, 6pm UTC+1, it shall take place inside the same black container that travelled throughout the world. Situated on the Maurice Lacroix Baselworld booth, it acts as a common thread throughout the treasure hunt. Gathered inside that small space, the contestants will act as a team. They’ll win together, or loose to-gether. They’ll have 20 minutes to find the solution of a full-scale, immersive mys-tery in order to break out. Their performance will be broadcast live. All we can say now is it involves a certain level of understanding of watchmaking and of Maurice Lacroix’s unique approach.

The trophy
If they win, the team will receive the four first pieces of the AIKON Automatic Chronograph Limited Edition. This 500-piece series is an e-retail exclusive, black-PVD, 44 mm timepiece, further details of which will be revealed during Baselworld 2018.

The expertise
This is the first time a Swiss watchmaking brand undertakes such a large scale, high-stake venture. Engaging a worldwide audience through major social me-dia platforms, Maurice Lacroix thus asserts its pioneering position as a leading player of the social media era. Exploring new means to communicate and reach a global and connected audience, Maurice Lacroix has built a unique expertise in disruptive, ground-breaking, guerrilla-type communication. Millen-nials, geeks, watch amateurs, treasure hunters, everyone is invited to connect to #CHASEYOURWATCH and rake their brain around a Maurice Lacroix mystery. After the winner is announced, the escape room challenge will be open to journalists, suppliers and visitors alike. Because Maurice Lacroix firmly believes that the more the merrier.