November 9, 2022    |    

Casio G-SHOCK Levels Up With New Super Mario Bros. Designed Timepiece

The model’s theme ties into G-SHOCK and Super Mario’s identity of being up for any challenge.

Casio Europe GmbH is pleased to introduce the DW5600SMB-4ER model featuring design elements from the popular Nintendo game, Super Mario Bros. This limited-edition timepiece represents the classic 1980s game through its whimsical design and nostalgic theme, as well as Mario’s “never give up” attitude that parallels the spirit of challenge present in G-SHOCK’s origins.

Both G-SHOCK and Super Mario are cultural icons from Japan that have amassed dedicated fanbases that span decades and countries. With this in mind, G-SHOCK brings the Super Mario Bros. world to life through a carefully curated design and playful details that will appeal to all generations of Super Mario lovers – Mario red on the bezel and dial, background blue of the game’s overworld stages and gold accents that recall Mario’s precious coins.

The base model adopts the square DW-5600 design that represents G-SHOCK’s iconic silhouette. When turning on the backlight, the classic Mario is displayed, and by combining it with the glass-printed Koopa Troopa shell on the bottom of the dial, the iconic game move is reproduced. The 8-bit Mario is printed on the band like camouflage, and all the dial fonts are 8-bit to create the atmosphere of 1985. To commemorate the collaboration, the watch comes in special packaging with an illustration of the opening screen of the game and Mario’s signature phrase, “Here we go!”

The timepiece also comes equipped with standard G-SHOCK technology including:
● Shock Resistance
● 20 bar Water Resistance
● EL Backlight with Flash Alert
● Multi-Function Alarm
● Stopwatch (24 Hr)
● Countdown Timer (60 Min)
● 12/24 Hour Time Formats

The DW5600SMB-4ER will retail for 149 Euro and will be available for purchase starting November 8th at select retailers and the G-SHOCK online store. For more information about the G-SHOCK brand, visit gshock.casio.com/de.