Bert Casal
May 7, 2018    |    

Boldly Feminine

Victorinox I.N.O.X. V collection

For the strong, creative, and sensitive woman.

Victorinox views a watch as more than just a tool to measure time. They believe that a watch is also a companion that goes with you in all your experiences and adventures. And for a watch to survive any and all conditions you experience, Victorinox builds their watches to make sure they can endure anything you throw at it.

An I.N.O.X. watch is built to last. And to ensure this, each watch has to survive 130 tests before it is released. One test involves a 10-meter drop, which is like dropping the watch from the third floor to the ground. This means that the case needs to be sturdy enough to survive the drop, and the movement to be shock-proof to the said height.

The watch also has to pass the 8-ton pressure resistance test. So if you happen to drop your watch in the middle of the road, a passing fire truck, a 25-ton construction vehicle, or a 64-ton tank that runs over it will not damage the watch.

Temperature is not a problem either. These watches can survive a temperature drop of -57 °C. It was given a temperature shock by heating it immediately to +71 °C, and they survived it without any problems.

This is how strong and durable these watches are. So you can take them to practically any type of weather condition and you know that the watch can take it. Victorinox extends this to the women’s line in the I.N.O.X. V collection.

The new I.N.O.X. V collection is devoted to the unique, strong, creating, and sensitive woman with the ability to adapt to modern challenges. It is a versatile watch that fits all occasions and environments. The empowered woman of today can be both feminine and strong, delicate yet versatile, just like the I.N.O.X. V.

The new I.N.O.X. V collection features a powder pink dial and strap adorned with rose gold PVD for the hands and markers. It also comes in a black strap and dial with rose PVD for the hands and markers. A third version is presented in a multi-colored NATO strap. The 37 mm stainless steel case is scratch resistant and is water resistant to 200 meters. Inside beats a Ronda 715 Swiss-made quartz movement.

The modern woman needs a watch that can keep up with her rigorous lifestyle. The I.N.O.X. V is the ultimate companion to today’s independent and determined woman. It is reliable and ultra resilient, yet feminine and strong.


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