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Bid for the Stars: OMEGA’s Exclusive MoonSwatch Moonshine Gold Collection Auctioned for Orbis at Sotheby’s

Rare Collection of "Mission to Moonshine Gold" Timepieces Encased in Unique Suitcases for a Noble Cause

In a celestial rendezvous, OMEGA is set to unveil an extraordinary collection of 11 MoonSwatch Moonshine Gold suitcases at Sotheby’s, from February 12th to 24th. This exclusive auction, supporting Orbis International’s mission against avoidable blindness, presents a rare opportunity for watch enthusiasts and philanthropists alike.

The highlight of this unique offering is the ensemble of 11 OMEGA x Swatch “Mission to Moonshine Gold” timepieces, housed in each bespoke suitcase. A fusion of artistry and innovation, these timepieces first gained acclaim in March 2022 for their revolutionary BIOCERAMIC construction, drawing inspiration from celestial bodies and paying homage to the iconic OMEGA Speedmaster design.

What makes this auction truly special is the unprecedented gathering of these 11 rare models in one set, a historic first for OMEGA enthusiasts. For the first time, the distinctive suitcase itself, adorned with a golden monocle featuring the OMEGA x Swatch logo and a city-engraved coin, is made available for purchase. The entire collection serves as a unique testament to OMEGA’s commitment to philanthropy and innovation.

To showcase this extraordinary offering, the 11 “Mission to Moonshine Gold” suitcases will be displayed at 11 OMEGA Boutiques worldwide from February 1st to 11th. Enthusiasts and collectors alike are invited to witness this celestial spectacle at Boutiques in Zurich, Tokyo, Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong, Beijing, New York, London, Milan, Paris, and Sydney.

The charitable aspect of this auction cannot be overstated. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Orbis International, OMEGA’s steadfast partner since 2011. Orbis’s commendable work, particularly focused on enabling children to experience the world visually, aligns seamlessly with OMEGA’s dedication to making a positive impact globally.

Orbis’s Flying Eye Hospital and on-ground programs have touched the lives of millions, offering eye care and training professionals in regions with critical needs. This auction stands as a testament to OMEGA’s ongoing commitment to Orbis’s cause, reinforcing the brand’s role as a socially responsible entity.

The “Mission to Moonshine Gold” watches, introduced in 2023, take the original MoonSwatch collection a step further. Featuring seconds hands coated in OMEGA’s proprietary 18K Moonshine™ Gold, these timepieces offer a subtle and enduring touch of yellow gold. Each watch’s Moonshine™ Gold hand incorporates unique details, from a strawberry pattern for the July Strawberry Moon to a flower motif for the May Flower Moon, showcasing the brand’s creativity and attention to detail.

The suitcases, crafted to complement the exclusivity of the timepieces, feature a golden monocle with the OMEGA x Swatch logo and a city-engraved coin. This aviation-themed coin, engraved with the 3-letter code representing the respective city, adds a personalized touch. The same code will also be engraved on the side of every watch within the suitcase, creating a cohesive and individualized connection to each location.

The auction, hosted by Sotheby’s, will be accessible globally on Sothebys.com, commencing on February 12th and culminating on February 24th – synchronized with the next full moon. As the bidding opens, the space-inspired allure of the MoonSwatch Moonshine Gold collection is sure to captivate enthusiasts worldwide. It’s not just an auction; it’s a cosmic celebration that transcends boundaries and supports a noble cause against avoidable blindness.

OMEGA Boutiques:

OMEGA Sydney – Martin Place

OMEGA Beijing – Shin Kong Place

OMEGA Paris – Galeries Lafayette

Hong Kong SAR
OMEGA Tsim Sha Tsui – K11 Musea

OMEGA Milan – Via Montenapoleone

OMEGA Tokyo – NGHC Ginza

OMEGA Marina Bay Sands

OMEGA Bangkok – Siam Paragon

United Kingdom
OMEGA London – Regent Street

OMEGA New York – Fifth Avenue

OMEGA Zurich – Bahnhofstrasse


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