Bert Casal
August 27, 2020    |    

Ahead Of Its Class

This new A8 is armed with features unmatched by competitors in its class.

The new Audi A8 L 3.0 TFSI MHEV is among the vehicles included in the ongoing Audi Factory Warehouse Sale that ends on August 31, 2020. Here are the reasons why you should check it out:

The Audi A8 L features a predictive active suspension. This system provides passengers the supreme comfort that no other luxury sedans in their class can offer. What this system does is it identifies uneven surfaces ahead of the car via a front-facing camera. When it does, the system lifts or forces down the wheels individually using electromechanical actuators, regulating the active suspension. The result is a smoother, more comfortable ride for both driver and passenger.

The predictive active suspension has settings for Dynamic and Comfort Plus modes. In the Dynamic setting, this luxury sedan transforms itself into a sports car as it turns in firmly when cornering fast. In Comfort Plus mode, the system allows the car to glide over the roughs and bumps of the road.


The Audi A8 L has a long wheelbase, thereby resulting in a roomy, lounge-like interior. The Rear Seat Entertainment system is comprised of two Audi tablets behind the front seats, and a Rear Seat Remote. With these amenities, passengers can enjoy browsing the internet and watch movies from Netflix. The Audi Cool Box in the rear seat keeps drinks chilled. And for a truly relaxing experience on a long drive, rear seated passengers can enjoy watching Netflix on their entertainment system. Connectivity to mobile phones is assured, as it supports both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Moving on to the front side of the cabin, the centre console of the car’s instrument panel houses a 10.1-inch touchscreen display. A second touchscreen display on the console of the centre tunnel allows access to climate control and convenience features, such as the ability to enter texts through handwriting recognition. Other advanced luxury features include a 360° 3D-view camera, panoramic sunroof, an air quality package composed on an air ioniser and perfume, multifunction massage in all seats, and a Bang & Olufsen audio system.


The new Audi A8 L carries a 3.0-liter, turbocharged V6 gasoline engine that churns out 335 hp and 500 Nm. The engine is equipped with a mild-hybrid system composed of a belt alternator starter (BAS) and a lithium-ion battery with 10 Ah electrical capacity. This allows the car to coast at speeds between 55 km/h and 160 km/h with the engine switched off. At this state, the car produces zero emissions for up to 40 seconds. As soon as the driver steps on the throttle, the BAS prompts a swift, smooth restart. A new 48-volt system that functions as the main vehicle electrical system offers a high recuperation power of up to 12 Kw plus start-stop operation from 22 km/h, reducing fuel consumption.

Paired with the new Audi A8 L’s engine is a quick but gently shifting eight-stage tiptronic transmission, Audi’s Quattro permanent all-wheel drive system with self-locking centre differential, as well as 20-inch Audi Sport alloy wheels. All come standard with the car.

The Audi Factory Warehouse Sale 2.0 promo runs until August 31, 2020 and offers discounts on select 2020 Audi models. The promo is made possible through the special support extended by Audi AG. For more information, you may call: 0917 813 9064; 0917 806 2946; or 0917 935 4111.


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