Maurice Lacroix and #tide: A Sustainable Revolution in Watchmaking

Turning ocean-bound plastic into timeless treasures.

Maurice Lacroix unveiled a groundbreaking proposal that would alter the wristwatch industry in March 2022. Maurice Lacroix committed to rescuing 10 million plastic bottles from the ocean over a three-year period by partnering with #tide, an environmentally devoted specialist company. In just 112 years, they have recovered nearly 7 million bottles from the oceans surrounding Thai islands. In this piece, we will look at Maurice Lacroix’s extraordinary journey toward sustainability as well as the AIKON #tide watch series.

The AIKON #tide line, which debuted last year, combines the classic design of Maurice Lacroix’s popular urban watch, the AIKON, with a deep commitment to environmental preservation. These timepieces, made from ocean-bound recycled plastic and available in a rainbow of colors, epitomize Maurice Lacroix’s dedication to Swiss quality and value. This focus also extends to environmentally friendly packaging.

Maurice Lacroix, in partnership with #tide, has generously supported plastic collection initiatives, funding the acquisition of longtail boats, warehouses, and equipment to facilitate plastic waste collection. Initially targeting 10 million bottles over three years, they have already retrieved over 7 million bottles from the seas around Thai islands.

Stéphane Waser, the Managing Director of Maurice Lacroix, expressed their unwavering commitment to sustainability. “Our journey began with the slogan ‘that’s what a drop makes,’ but I believe we’ve achieved much more. Nevertheless, we mustn’t become complacent. Our belief in sustainability compels us to continue our work.”

In addition to their extensive plastic recovery efforts, Maurice Lacroix has invested in education programs to raise awareness about recycling and the marine environment. Over 550 children from 13 schools have attended educational workshops as part of this initiative.

The plastic bottles retrieved from the ocean undergo meticulous processing. Sorted, washed, and compacted near collection points, they are transformed into upcycled plastic, which is used to create the eye-catching AIKON #tide watches.

Maurice Lacroix remains committed to supporting #tide in the region, with 3 million bottles remaining to reach their first objective. Their sustainability effort is more than just collecting bottles from the sea; it strives to enhance the lives of the locals. Additional warehousing facilities are being funded, a pier in Ranong is being built for more effective waste collection, and worker accommodations are being renovated. They will also continue to promote long-tail boats and extend collecting stations in Thailand, with a slew of creative ideas in the works. Currently, approximately 80 people are involved in the collection of plastic bottles, including 14 at the Ranong site.

#tide is also working on an innovative project to address plastics unsuitable for recycling, like polystyrene. They are developing Eco Bricks that can be used to create furniture or even schools.

Thomas Schori, Founder and CEO of #tide, stated, “The collaboration with Maurice Lacroix is a perfect match because we share the same values: Swiss quality, perfection, humanity, and respect for the environment. This collaboration benefits society, wildlife, and those affected by plastic pollution.”

Maurice Lacroix’s partnership with #tide exemplifies the fusion of Swiss precision, environmental consciousness, and compassion. The AIKON #tide collection stands as a testament to their commitment to sustainability, while their efforts in education, collection, and innovation transcend the realm of watchmaking, leaving a lasting impact on our planet.