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July 13, 2023        |

Unveiling the New Mercedes-Benz Fragrance Trilogy: Land, Sea, and Air as a Captivating Fusion of Elements

Unleashing the Captivating Power of Scent: Exploring the Mercedes-Benz Fragrance Trilogy

For more than a century, the iconic three-pointed star has symbolized the connection between mobility on land, sea, and air. Mercedes-Benz’s new fragrance trilogy, produced in collaboration with INCC Parfums, revisits the idea of the three essential elements: the eaux de parfum Land, Sea, and Air, designed by French master perfumer Anne Flipo, can be worn independently, in harmonious balance, or as a personally desired combination. Immerse yourself in the enthralling world of Mercedes-Benz Fragrance Trilogy – Land, Sea, and Air. Experience the elements’ powerful personification.

The Mercedes-Benz Fragrance Trilogy symbolizes a commitment to environmental conscience, with painstaking attention to sustainability. From the selection of components to the packaging, the environmental footprint is prioritized. The magnificent bottles themselves pay homage to Mercedes-Benz, since their design creates the famous Mercedes star when viewed from above. Furthermore, the bottles’ materials indicate a responsible attitude to the elements of earth, water, and air. The bottles are made of recycled aluminum and glass and have a removable threaded pump for easy refilling. The exterior packaging is comprised of 100% renewable energy and recyclable and biodegradable paper that has been enhanced with up to 10% seaweed.

The Mercedes-Benz Fragrance Trilogy offers multiple options for wearers to express their individuality. Each element—Land, Sea, and Air—unveils its own distinct universe of scent. With a shared base, these three fougère perfumes provide the opportunity for layering, allowing for an array of combinations based on personal preference, occasion, or mood.

The warm and woody flavor of Mercedes-Benz Land fragrance enchants, merging patchouli with delicate undertones of cocoa shell, tonka bean, rosemary camphor, geranium, and aromatic fir resin. Mercedes-Benz Sea, on the other hand, conveys the energizing strength of breaking waves with a strong blend of violet leaf, tangy mandarin, and a hint of seaweed. Finally, the relaxing aroma of artemisia oil is enhanced by aromatic notes of angelica, petitgrain, citrus, and turmeric leaves in the Mercedes-Benz Air fragrance.

The true magic of the Mercedes-Benz Fragrance Trilogy lies in its versatility. By layering these distinct scents, wearers can create four exceptional fragrance combinations: Land+Sea, a fusion of woody and maritime notes; Land+Air, a captivating blend of woody and citrus accords; Sea+Air, a refreshing maritime and citrus experience; and Land+Sea+Air, an enchanting fusion of woody, maritime, and citrus elements.

Immerse yourself in the enthralling world of the Mercedes-Benz Fragrance Trilogy and allow the smells of Land, Sea, and Air transport you on an incredible olfactory voyage. Experience the elements’ tremendous embodiment, brilliantly captured in these extraordinary scents. Discover the perfect balance of elegance, sustainability, and workmanship as Mercedes-Benz demonstrates its dedication to perfection in every detail.


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