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May 29, 2024        |

Owning a Piece of History: Levi’s Vintage Releases Limited-Edition 9Rivet Jeans

Limited-edition replica of the oldest Levi's Jeans.

Levi’s, a denim legend for over 150 years, offers a chance to own a piece of their heritage. Their Vintage Clothing line unveils the limited-edition 9Rivet jeans, a meticulous recreation of the oldest blue jeans in their archives. Every detail captures the essence of a bygone era, making these a true collector’s item.

The 9Rivet is crafted from a unique nine-ounce selvedge denim, sourced from the renowned Cone Mills White Oak mill (now closed), adding exclusivity to the fabric. Unlike modern Levi’s, the 9Rivet features a single back pocket, reflecting the era’s design.

The key detail lies in the name. Unlike the standard 11 rivets on later Levi’s, this pair boasts only nine, missing rivets on the back cinch. This unique feature offers a glimpse into the evolution of Levi’s iconic construction.

To commemorate their historical significance, only 800 pairs of 9Rivets were produced. Each pair is a stitch-by-stitch replica, capturing all the original’s quirks. Exposed rivets, a single back pocket, and an unriveted center-back cinch – all crafted from the same high-quality selvedge denim.

Adding to the authenticity, the 9Rivet features details like denim pocket bags, sewn-on buttons, a watch pocket, and a pre-1875 Levi’s leather patch. These elements transport the wearer back in time, offering a tangible connection to Levi’s rich history.

Available online, on the app, and in select stores, the limited-edition 9Rivet jeans are priced at $495 and come in a commemorative box. These aren’t just jeans; they’re a chance to own a piece of fashion history. So, if you’re a denim enthusiast or appreciate historical artifacts, don’t miss this opportunity to add the 9Rivet to your collection.

Images via Levi’s


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