Carl S. Cunanan
How a Seiko Presage Watch Taught Me Responsibility and Gratitude

I saw a nice watch on my Instagram feed the other day, a Seiko Presage, and I realized it was from someone I had met that day.

So I messaged saying hey, I didn’t see that watch. They responded saying, thank you, and to be honest, I was hoping you would notice it. That was extremely flattering, and it also showed me how lacking I was in being more responsible.

Now it is truly impossible to always catch everything, and I don’t want to turn looking at peoples watches into part of a job description.

But the truth is the position I am in now is, and always has a been, a gift. And you can argue that it’s not anyone’s responsibility to notice everything about everybody else. However, I honestly think it’s our responsibility to make peoples lives a little bit better every chance we get.

And we get a lot of chances.

Every day.

It’s not exactly hard for me to look at a watch and appreciate it. I enjoy seeing watches and I enjoy hearing the stories and I enjoy seeing the light in someone’s eyes when they talk about how special something is.

It is a gift if you are able to make someone feel better. It is more especially a gift if you were able to do so doing something you enjoy.

It was funny because this all happened while I was watching an old and very well written tv show that Tito Hermoso and I always talked about, and one from which i always drew inspration. While this message about the Presage came in, I was listening to the words of a speech that combined the loss of a friend with a tremendous personal win. They said,“I am more grateful than I can say. You have given me an opportunity that comes to few people. Perhaps fewer are worthy of it.”

So may we all, always, be grateful.
May we all appreciate our opportunities.
May we all give opportunities to others.

And may we be worthy.