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June 27, 2024        |

The Art of Speed: The BMW Art Car Capsule Collection Inspired by Calder’s Bold Vision

A Bold Fusion of Art and Automotive History

Imagine a race car transformed into a canvas, a roaring engine the soundtrack to artistic expression. This wasn’t just a dream, but a reality in 1975 when Alexander Calder, the renowned sculptor and a pioneer of American modernism, turned a BMW 3.0 CSL race car into a rolling work of art. Though the car wouldn’t make it to the Le Mans finish line, its vibrant design, a testament to Calder’s signature style of bold colors and sweeping forms, left an indelible mark. It became the very first entry in the now-legendary BMW Art Car collection, a unique fusion of art, racing, and automotive innovation.

Fast forward to today, and BMW Motorsport has joined forces once again, this time with sportswear giant PUMA, to bring a piece of that history to your wardrobe. The second edition of the BMW Art Car Capsule Collection celebrates Calder’s groundbreaking design, translating his artistic vision into a range of stylish apparel.

The collection boasts a full summer outfit, each piece meticulously crafted to capture the essence of Calder’s masterpiece. The centerpiece is the BMW M MOTORSPORT AC SHIRT, a head-turner featuring an all-over print inspired by Calder’s color blocking style. The artist’s initials embroidered on the chest add a touch of exclusivity.

Matching the shirt perfectly are the BMW M MOTORSPORT AC SHORTS, offering a relaxed fit and the same bold color palette. For a more casual vibe, two BMW M MOTORSPORT AC T-SHIRTS are included, both crafted from a blend of recycled and reclaimed cotton. These oversized tees showcase Calder’s influence through color blocking prints and embroidered details, making a statement wherever you go.

No outfit is complete without the right accessories. The BMW M MOTORSPORT AC CAP picks up on the color blocking theme, ensuring a cohesive look. And for those who want to take their art appreciation to their feet, the BMW M MOTORSPORT AC SNEAKER SUEDE awaits. Based on PUMA’s iconic Suede design, these sneakers boast a predominantly red upper with graphic details that echo Calder’s artistic spirit. A commemorative BMW metal pin on the heel adds a final touch of exclusivity.

The BMW Art Car Capsule Collection by PUMA isn’t just about fashion; it’s about celebrating a historic moment at the intersection of art and racing. It’s a chance to own a piece of automotive and artistic heritage, a wearable tribute to Calder’s visionary spirit. So, whether you’re a racing enthusiast, an art aficionado, or simply someone who appreciates bold style, this collection is a must-have.