Liquid So Sharp You Can Cut Time

Water Within, Water Without

HYT watches are releasing a partnership with a boat race, which is a pretty bold move considering the entire structure of their watches is built on fluid dynamics. It’s like, liquid inside the watch, liquid outside the watch, one bad spill and the whole thing changes time zones.

HYT’s H1 Alinghi is a handsome timepiece that is being released to commemorate the successful collaboration between HYT and Alinghi. This piece is the third such cooperative timepiece, and it is the most technically advanced of the three watches. It’s an interesting dynamic, one partner gliding over the water and the other using fluid to micromeasure time.

Alinghi is a yacht race design team. HYT, in their partnership, has made efforts to incorporate elements of the Alinghi creative construction in these collaborative watches, and the timepieces have grown more and more integrated, fusing the complexities of yacht design into the structure of the timepiece itself. In the Alinghi H1, the most obvious expression of this integration is probably the custom-designed rigging that stretches across the bottom part of the dial.

“It’s an interesting dynamic, one partner gliding over the water and the other using fluid to micromeasure time.”

But that’s not the only one. The small second subdial at 9 o’clock is in the shape of a mainsail furler, and the power reserve at 3 o’clock is shaped like a winch. Of course, there’s the Alinghi logo, which appears on the jumper at 6 o’clock. Plus, if you like a splash of color amidst all this black, check out the power reserve and the minute hand, which bears Alinghi’s signature red.

The HYT Alinghi features Black retrograde fluidic hours, and minutes and seconds displays. The fluid technology is HYT’s signature, and it utilizes two multi-layer metal bellows to push and retract fluid through a capillary tube made of medical-grade glass. The watch uses two non-miscible fluids, one visible and one transparent, so that the time marker is always sharply delineated. That’s the way you want to do things: Liquid so sharp you can use it to cut time.