The Heart of Winter

Chopard’s newest boutique is the vertical limit.

Chopard’s boutiques have a personal touch about them, without losing a single drop of elegance. It’s like being entertained in someone’s parlor, except that someone is the Queen and they won the title by being descended from Pure Style and Taste. With their latest home in St. Moritz, Chopard has taken on a new look. It may be a little more homespun, maybe even a little more rustic, but we don’t doubt that every twig and corner was placed just so, and the effect will be just as welcoming and warm.

The new Chopard St. Moritz boutique takes the feel of a mountain chalet. The snug environment simultaneously shuts out the cold and enfolds you in a comfortable envelopment. Oak wood is mixed with natural stone native to the region. The stone is further enhanced with geometrical shapes done in a technique of stone groove-cutting that is also a regional tradition.

Within this cozy house of wood and graven stone, visitors are made to feel both welcomed and in their own private sanctuary. The tiny hut is not without its wonders, either: Chopard’s treasures of watchmaking, High Jewelery and accessories are lain throughout the chalet environment, waiting to be discovered, tried on, and perhaps, for the lucky ones, spirited away. And if you like your treasure wet, then you will be delighted to hear of the selection of fine whiskey by the Bacchus Cellar.

The new Chopard chalet is located on Via Da Vout 2 – 7500 St. Moritz, in the heart of the resort’s most elegant shopping area. You may go there to discover the brand’s Happy Diamonds, Ice Cube and Mille Miglia collections, as well as the best in fine watchmaking, high jewellery, and apparently excellent whiskies. Each will give you a glow, in its own way. It might be as much treasure trove as ski resort, but the chalet of Chopard will give you a warmth that stays with you even after you go.