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Bella Hadid gets the call to service.

TAG Heuer welcomes their latest brand ambassador, as Bella Hadid joins the chic and sporty watch brand to bring a little chic and sportiness of her own.

Bella Hadid is an excellent choice for TAG Heuer brand ambassador, being perhaps the most swiftly rising star in the supermodel constellation. Hadid is just 20 years old, but her fan base on social media following is an amazing 17 million, and still growing. Her youth is a great asset, since it not only resonates with the sports-oriented watch brand, but it ties her even more endearingly to the Millenial spirit that TAG Heuer seeks to embrace. Their entire watch line is a commitment to activity, and no one’s activities are followed more closely than Bella Hadid’s.

And to celebrate this connection, TAG Heuer and Bella Hadid are announcing a special edition of the TAG Heuer Link watch. TAG Heuer’s Link watch is the brand’s most feminine model, and the version that TAG Heuer is making for Bella Hadid is nothing less than spectacular.

The new Link is all matte black and bears a mother-of pearl dial, a sleek contrast in colors and textures. The dial is ringed by 12 diamonds as the hour markers, adding a further touch of elegance. And if the dial itself is amazing, the bezel that surrounds it is a sight to behold too. The new Link bezel is enhanced with 48 inset diamonds, making the watch positively sparkle. The new Link’s case is made entirely of ceramic, that smooth, wear-resistant material. And the construction of the Link bracelet makes the touch even more soothing.

Each link in the bracelet is polished, ensuring a harmonious experience next to the skin. And the inherent resilience of the matte black ceramic means it will be enduring as well. This 500-piece limited edition is a sure way to welcome Bella Hadid into the TAG Heuer brand ambassadorship, and there’s no doubt she will do the brand proud.